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The “new” Kelly Osbourne

As we all know, Kelly Osbourne has lost a noticable amount of weight.  And as far as her weight goes, I think she looks good.  But as far as her fashion sense goes, well that is another story entirely.  Here she is before:

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne

Sharon & Kelly Osbourne

And here she is after:

Kelly lookin' thin!


Kelly...nice outfit...not

is that a wig?

nice hat....not

Kelly Osbourne kinda normal

She shed quite a few pounds!  Way to go, Kelly!  My only problem?  Every outfit I see her wearing is bad.  The reason this was brought to my attention?  I was watching Fashion Police on E! and Kelly is one of the hosts!  To me this is unacceptable!  She wears bad outfit on top of bad outfit!  She is in no position to be judging other celebs fashion choices.  Granted, this is only my opinion.  Kelly actually seems like a nice person, but I just cannot get past the fact that she is a co-host on Fashion Police.  It is slight insanity.   What do you all think?!  Am I right, or what?!

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Worky work!

I am off to work, friends!


I cannot believe that tomorrow is already February 1st!!  That is crazy!  Before you know it, summer will be upon us!  I must get going now, I’ve got that irritating little thing to go to today…!  Ugh!  Oh wells…..

Are there any topics you all would like me to blog about?  Tonight when I get home I will write about anything… give me some suggestions!  Catch ya later!

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SAG Awards

Last night the SAG Awards were on, and I did not watch them!  Shame on me!  I did watch Californication on Showtime, Holly’s World and Kourtney & Kim Take New York, which are both on E!.  Priorities, people.  While I did not watch the SAG awards, I still like to see what everyone is wearing.  Here are some of my favorites:

Amy Adams

Julia Stiles

Rosario Dawson

Mila Kunis

Kyra Sedgwick

Tina Fey

Sofia Vergara

Hilary Swank

Dianna Agron

And the ones that left a bad taste in my mouth:

Kim Kardashian

Christina Hendricks

Angie Harmon

Helena Bonham Carter

Julie Bowen

Winona Ryder

Who do you guys think looked lovely at the SAG Awards?!  And who do you think failed?  I want to know!!  Have a great Monday!

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My friend Abby and I met up today at Panera for a little late lunch.

ready to go!

This was my first time eating at Panera.  My sister got me a takeout sandwich once, but I hadn’t ever actually visited the restaurant itself.  It was cozy and the food was really yummy!  I had a half salad/sandwich combo.  Abby arrived first, and this was waiting for me when I got there:

Barbie bag!

Yay!  Thanks Abby for the Barbie bag!  I love it!  After lunch, we each had one of these:

Pink heart cookies!



We very much enjoyed our Valentine’s Day cookies! Delish! 

Now I am home, using my Barbie bag!

woo hoo Barbie bag!

And now it’s time to go hang with Kylemeister and watch our favorite shows, Californication and Holly’s World!

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Someone is getting bored…..

I am fairly certain my house guest is bored with Kyle and I.  He has taken to laying in the front room, just sitting and staring at the door….

waiting, waiting...

And every time a car drives by….

mom and dad?

More waiting….and staring….

watching and waiting

So what is something fun to do when one is bored?  Play dress-up!!

Go Pack!

Leon in a Wolf Pack beanie!

so pretty!

Leon does love a pretty scarf!

gym time!

Leon wearing a sports-bra with a 10-lb weight!

What a good sport!  After our game of dress-up, Leon wanted to watch for kitties in our backyard….

I think I saw something!

And now he is chillin’ on the stairs….



I am going to miss Leon when he is gone!  Having a dog is a lot of work, but it’s worth it!  Now I really want my own dog! ;)


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