What do you think?

As you all know, Holly Madison is pretty much my favorite!  We are like soul sisters, we have so much in common!  Except for a few minor details….one being that she is super-famous….but whatever….

Holly Madison

Holly in Las Vegas

Here is Holly at an event that was held at the Bellagio this past weekend.  What do you all think of her dress?  I don’t think Holly looks hideous or anything, but I don’t like the dress.  It just doesn’t look like her.

This is more Holly-like:

Holly at Serendipity

Or this:

Red-hot Holly!

Or even this:

Holly loves football!

Just not this:

Holly at the Bellagio

What do you think?  Am I wrong about this?  Do you like this dress on Holly?


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7 Responses to What do you think?

  1. rickmeister

    Yes, I like that dress on her. Classes her up a little bit!

  2. No, no, no! It is too boring for her! She looks good in the risque, exciting stuff!

  3. rickmeister

    No, no, no, the mature, sophisticated, look is way more hot!!!! Leaves you wondering what is next and proud to have her on your arm. Mature, RICH men aren’t looking for the doll look anymore. I can’t even believe I am answering this.

  4. She looks thick in that dress!

  5. Kyle

    Of all the pictures, I like the pink dress the best. I like the blue dress the least. I like both of the other outfits, they’re just different obviously. Rickmeister says the mature look is hot…I wonder if he thinks the girls at Planet Hollywood Pleasure Pit are dresses mature and sophisticated, cause I’m pretty sure he thinks that look is hot too. :)

  6. Kyle

    Also, I don’t think she looks thick in the first or third picture in that dress, but I see what you are saying when I look at the second pick. I think it’s the dress, not that she’s thick.

  7. Ya the dress is a bad cut and makes her look thick. I know she isn’t thick Kyle!

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