Vegas brought me Tiffany

Yes, it is true.  Kyle Thomas returned home from Las Vegas today.  And he brought me this:

Sadly, it wasn’t a replacement necklace.  It was this little charm:

It is a pink lollipop charm for my charm bracelet!  I might just put it on a chain and wear it around my neck until I can actually go to Tiffany and have it sent off to have the charm put on my bracelet.  Thanks, Ky-Ky!

In other exciting news, I got my renewed Barbie Collector fan club card and paperwork in the mail!  Woo hoo!


And along with all my renewal paperwork there was this little thingie:

At first I thought it was a luggage tag, but it is just a key-chain.  It opens and you can put two little pictures in it.  Maybe on one side I will put my picture and on the other side I will put Holly’s picture.  What do ya think?!

This past weekend in Las Vegas Holly was hosting a party at Chateau nightclub with Brody Jenner so Kyle Thomas brought me the little advertisement card with Holly’s picture on it.  How thoughtful of him!

And, before I leave you for the night…..a few Buffy (our cat) pictures…..

She just loves sitting on that flower-pot!  It was raining out when I took these pictures.  I looked outside and didn’t see her right away….and then realized that yup, she was still out there staring in.  Just chillin’ on that flower pot….staring in….and falling asleep. 

Goodnight friends!  See you all tomorrow!

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  1. erin

    That’s one intense stink eye Buffy’s got there.

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