Academy of County Music Awards

Last night CBS aired the Academy of Country Music Awards, which were held in Las Vegas.  I did not watch, due to the fact that I had to watch the season finale’s of Kourtney & Kim Take New York and Holly’s World.  Priorities, people.  I did, however, go through some photos of the awards show last night, just to check out what everyone was wearing.  I have to say, it was kind of disappointing.  I saw too many dresses that I didn’t like!  Boo!  Here is a brief run-down:

Taylor Swift


I thought Taylor Swift looked really pretty and I am happy that she won Entertainer of the Year!  That is awesome!  I loved her gown, I think she looks totally gorgeous!  I like her hair, too.  It looks different to me, from how it usually looks.  The curls look softer than usual.  Anyway, Taylor looks amazing!

Carrie Underwood


I think Carrie looks pretty, but I don’t love this gown or anything.  I mean, yes she looks pretty.  But I would like to see her go for a different look once in a while.  Maybe do something different with her hair, sex-up her look a bit.  She is a little hottie!  She needs to get at least a little crazy once in a while a year.

Miranda Lambert

I DO NOT like this white gown on Miranda.  It is not flattering to her figure, at all.  And the big, wide band just under her bust line makes her look wider than she really is, IMO.   I just don’t like it!

Julianne Hough

I think Julianne looks pretty, but I am not really sure how much I like the dress.  It looks really good on her, she is nice and slender so she can wear revealing stuff, I just still feel unsure about the dress itself.  If I had to choose between thumbs up or thumbs down, I would go with thumbs up.  I guess. 

Brooklyn Decker

I am not crazy about Brooklyn’s dress.  And I hate her shoes!  I think they are hideous!  I don’t think the dress is hideous, I mean, it is nice and tight, which shows off her lovely figure, but it is kind of boring.  Kind of blah.  I don’t really like the color, and I think she could’ve added some accessories to spice it up a little! 

Martina McBride


Martina is so beautiful!  But this dress is not!  She looks pretty, but as with some of the other ladies, I just don’t think the dress is great.  I would like to see her in something more dramatic and exciting.  For me, this dress is just a dress, nothing special. 

Sara Evans

I think Sara looks totally cute!  I love this outfit, but not for an awards show.  I don’t think she is dressed up enough for the Academy of Country Music Awards.  She looks like she is ready for a fun night out on the town!  And I love her shoes!!  But again, she looks too casual for a fancy awards ceremony.  Just sayin’….

Nancy O'Dell

Nancy looks pretty, but I think she kind of looks monotone.  I mean, her hair and dress and skin all kind of run together, IMO.   I like the dress, but I think it might look better in another color.  Maybe. 

Jennette McCurdy

Oh no!  This is terrible!  Jennette looks awful!  I hate the dress, it does absolutely nothing for her!  She looks like she is ready to go clubbing, rather than walk the red carpet at a prestigious awards show.  Not good.  Not good at all. 

Sunny Sweeney


Not a fan of the black streaks in her hair, but Sunny looks pretty!  I actually like this dress!  The color is a little different, and I like how it kind of wraps to one side.  It is classy-pretty, but kind of rocker chick at the same time!  Know what I mean?

Reba McEntire

I am NOT feeling this!  I don’t like the color!  Especially not with her flaming red hair!  Ugh!  I think she looks terrible!  And is it just me, or do Reba’s bangs look out of control?!  They’re so big!  I hate her this look!

Susie Brown & Danelle Leverett

I think both of these girls look amazing!  I like both of their dresses and hair and makeup!  I especially like the leopard print clutch!  They both look really pretty, yet sassy, but not over-the-top!  Love them!

So there you have it!  My brief re-cap of the Academy of Country Music Awards!  What do you think?  Who did you love/hate on the red carpet?

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  1. Kyle

    Uhhh, HELLO! Reba McEntire’s necklace somehow escaped your comments! Hideous! Looks like she’s trying to take Ozzy away from Sharon if you ask me.

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