‘Tis the season…for bikinis!

Now that the weather is finally starting to permanently warm up I am starting to see more and more celebrity bikini pictures popping up!  And I love to check out the celebs in their bikinis!  Who doesn’t?! 

So, here we go…..

Here is actress AnnaLynne McCord (from 90210) at Wet Republic in Las Vegas.  She looks cute enough, I guess.  I don’t really like the whole jean-jacket-long-skirt combo over a bikini for a pool in Vegas.  No one in Vegas wears that much clothing, especially at the pool.  I would’ve liked this look better if she would have just worn her bikini with a sarong tied around her hips or something along those lines.  Or just her suit and cute wedges.  I mean, she is at a pool after all. 

 Rachel Bilson is cute!  She looks cute in her bikini and looks like she is having a good time playing in the water!  I like that she has her hair pulled up, too!  Usually when you see celebs in their bikinis they have a full face of makeup and their hair done, too.  Like, why would you get all done up to go to the beach?!   Rachel is keepin’ it real!

Serena Williams on the beach in Miami……poor Miami……

I think I am going to have to go with the standard line “it must be a bad angle”….yeah, a bad angle.  The girl is very muscular, I will give her that. 

Here is Holly’s friend Laura Croft at Tao Beach in Las Vegas.  This picture is mainly for Ky-Ky, as he is quite fond of Laura, although I don’t know that he would admit it.  But I know it’s true.  And she has a cute little body!  She looks good in her bikini.  I have only seen Holly’s World season 2 so it’s hard to say how I feel about Laura at the moment.  She’s been having some drama with the other girls.  It’s probably not even that serious.  But one thing I can say is that she was made for a bikini! 

Here is Real Housewives alum Kelly Bensimon rockin’ her bikini body!  I sorta think Kelly looks a little too muscle-y!  Know what I mean?  While she doesn’t look bad, I am not really liking the shape of her body.  She looks a bit manly, IMO. 

There you have it!  The first (of many, I’m sure!) bikini post of the season! 

***What do you think of these ladies in their bikinis?***


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3 Responses to ‘Tis the season…for bikinis!

  1. I think:
    AnnaLynn McCord shouldn’t be wearing anything but the swimsuit and sandals (like you said) because she’s really skinny and has a good body.. why hide it? If anything, she should hide her face.

    Rachel looks cute and real (again, like you said) so I think she looks the best regarding celebs at the beach.

    Serena is scary–I look at her and see the floor breaking out from under her when she walks into a room.. not fat just sooo strong. Hulk-ish.

    I don’t like Laura Croft. She’s generic and plain, IMO. And her shoes look too small.

    Kelly Bensimon is so nuts. She needs to take it easy on the running and crunches, too.


    i want the email for Serene Williams i want to be her friend coz i love her tennis .
    Yrs Bukenya. Fr.

  3. Croonger

    Omg, serena williams body looks like a big dick, her ass cheeks look like the balls. Fucking scary mehn

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