THE day. Draft day. Part 2.

Immediately following the announcement that Colin was chosen by the 49ers, the interviews started.  And they didn’t stop until he left for San Francisco.

Brothers comparing notes….

A few more interviews….

More note comparing between brothers….

And some “official” photos…..

Colin had to talk to everybody on the phone…..

And then did a few more interviews….

Then to go outside to see all the neighbors anxiously waiting to congratulate Colin….

Everyone is so excited for Colin!

The children in the above picture are kids and grandkids of the neighbors.  They told their friends at school that Colin is their cousin!  Too cute!

I already posted this picture on Twitter, but I am going to go ahead and post it again, because it is probably my favorite from the entire day.  This picture says everything……

Colin was grinning ear-to-ear literally the entire day.  It was pretty great to see such a genuine smile.  I know how happy I felt for Colin, so I can hardly imagine how he must’ve been feeling.  The whole day was actually pretty surreal.  And amazing. 

I still have more pictures to share with you all, so stay tuned!  ;)


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4 Responses to THE day. Draft day. Part 2.

  1. michelle

    thank you for sharing all these family moments… brings tears to my eyes seeing the joy and knowing how much he deserved such HAPPY!

  2. Thomas

    Ah yeah we got Colin!!!! :) Seriously can’t wait for this season to begin! Congrats Colin!!!!

  3. Kathy Algiers

    Thanks Lindsay! Great pics! We had a great time at Mark’s bar at the campground. That is except for Aunt Karen who thought the draft started everyday at 7:00 PM CT

  4. Kim

    Congrats to Colin! Rodney and I were lucky enough to meet him at Church in Reno! He was so nice and we took a pic with him! Wish him all the best and I am now a 49ers fan for sure!! Good Luck Colin!! God Bless You on your journey!! Come and visit us when you get a chance!! :)

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