Christina Aguilera…goes to the dentist

Christina Aguilera was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday heading to a dentist appointment with her son Max in tow.  More importantly, though, is the fact that she did so while wearing a hideous outfit!  Her boyfriend Matthew Rutler also tagged along, probably because he needed some money or something, you know, because she is his Sugar-Mama!  



I do realize that she is just going to the dentist, and she probably wanted to wear something comfy, but these black stretch pants are not doing her any favors.  They are black, so they should be slimming, but IMO they are doing the exact opposite for her legs.  They are making her legs look kinda lumpy and misshapen. 



And another thing….again with the red lipstick!!  Red lipstick is not daytime appropriate, and it is certainly not appropriate when going to the dentist!!  Geez!  This girl loves her some red lips!  I think this outfit could’ve been improved with a pair of jeans.  And I don’t mean skinny jeans.  I would also like to add that her son reminds me of the child actor in the film Liar Liar!  Just sayin’!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday on this sunny Memorial Day weekend!!  I will be working all weekend, but I do get Monday off, so I am super pumped about that!   See ya later!  :)

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  1. Kyle

    This can’t be the same girl from the “Dirty” video. Just can’t be….smh!

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