Taylor Momsen….oh, brother!

Okay, so I seriously wanted to stay away from posting about Taylor Momsen!  Like, I really didn’t want to post a single thing about her ever again!   Too many riots were breaking out around my house over this girl! 

Me:  She is too young for that!

Ky-Ky:  No she isn’t!

Me:  That isn’t appropriate for a 17 year-old!

Ky-Ky:   It’s fine!  She is almost 18!

and it goes on and on and on and on……

But, with all that being said, when I saw these photos I knew I had to post ‘em….



I hope this doesn’t come off sounding prudish….but HELLO!  She isn’t wearing any pants!  And she isn’t even on stage performing!  Just walking around….with no pants on….cigarette in hand….wearin’ some stripper boots!  Oh my, this does not look good.  Not at all. 

What do you think?  Please, tell me.  I need to know that I am not the only one who thinks this girl is heading in the wrong direction…..


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3 Responses to Taylor Momsen….oh, brother!

  1. Rand Kaepernick

    Major train wreck waiting to happen. This is what happens when young people are on their own in a fast pace world with no adult direction. When young people become popular at such an early age they think they have all the answers and don’t think they need anyone to help them with direction , although shes 18 she still needs adults to go to for help, In my opinion you need help from others no matter what age you are. Problem with Taylor is no one wants to be on her bad side cause shes popular and has money so they just let bad decisions go as not to make her cut you off.

  2. Kyle

    I’m wondering if she isn’t in that same category you always talk about: celebrities who need someone to help them and don’t have a strong parent or spouse in their life to give them the support they need.

    Although I don’t really think the outfits are that ridiculous (like BeBe doesn’t make dresses that stick to a girls body and are at that length) I can agree that she could be a major train wreck.

  3. oh my god, i don’t know why out of all the hot mess crap that’s going on in these pictures, i’m picking this to talk about buuuuut her hair is GROSSSSSS. what the hell??

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