Bikini Bonanza!

What could be better than celebs in their bikinis???  Not much, that’s what.  Here we go….

Kendall Jenner

Julianne Hough

Lindsay Lohan

Karissa Shannon



Aubrey O'Day



Helena Christiansen



Shauna Sand



Karolina Kurkova



Gwyneth Paltrow




Megan Fox


Kate Upton


That’s all for now, folks! 

Which bikini celeb do you think looks best?


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3 Responses to Bikini Bonanza!

  1. Kyle

    Pretty much I instantly became a Kate Upton fan when I saw that pic last night of her, Erin Andrews, Jenny Finch, and Jordin Sparks . It wasn’t even close how much hotter Upton looked than those other ladies. And they are all very good looking women. I was amazed, to say the least.

  2. Kyle

    But I will say, she looked better in that baseball picture than she does in that bikini picture, IMO. And I guess it’s Jennie Finch, not Jenny.

  3. Rand Kaepernick


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