CandyKen Guest Post Part 2

So here we are at the second half of our San Francisco shopping bonanza yesterday.  CandyBarbie is wiped out.  She slept through the best parts of both True Blood and the new Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight.  And that leaves it up to me to finish this day of blogging.

After leaving The Cheesecake Factory, the group went up to Niketown SF so that Colin could make sure he’s fully decked out in all Nike all the time (he recently signed a contract to be sponsored by Nike).   Needless to say the entire family is now a Nike family.  Upon arriving, Colin met with the customer service department to get his shopping totes.  He offered to let us pick out anything we wanted (none of us took him up on it though…this time) and we offered to help him make decisions.  And make the experience a fun one at the same time.

Colin looking at new shoes

Then we started goofing around.

He laughed first, I got caught on camera....doh!

 After talking to some fans and store employees and picking out FOUR pair of shoes and some workout gear, it was time to go.  But before we did, we posed for one more picture.

Kaepernick, Kaepernick, Miller

We left Niketown and went next door to Cole Haan.  Most people don’t know this, but Cole Haan is a subsidiary of Nike.  We wanted to check out their gear as I’ve had some very nice CH boots in the past and told Colin that they had some good stuff he should look at.  He agreed after looking around and CandyBarbie even found a really nice looking cropped leather jacket but it was quite expensive and she decided to hold off on making such a purchase.
We made a quick stop in Saks Mens after Colin and Bruce agreed to let CandyBarbie pick clothes out for them to try on, but Saks was unusually lacking in stuff this time so we left rather abruptly.  Right next door to Saks is Cartier.  Bruce made a comment to me about how nice their sunglasses with the wooden frames are and I agreed stating that I thought I could recall Brad Pitt doing an add campaign for those aviator glasses quite awhile back. 
Upon entering the store, CandyBarbie and I recognized a familiar face.  His name is Rand and he is an employee of Cartier San Francisco.  We recognized him because awhile back I bought Lindsay one of their silk cord “Love” bracelets as a birthday present and Rand was the sales associate that helped us.  He’s also named Rand, which happens to be both our uncle’s name and Colin’s middle name!  Rand is extremely friendly and immediately offered to show us anything we wanted to look at.  After a little while, he recognized us as former customers and had a nice time talking about our Paris trip and specifically Versailles (which was CB’s favorite part of our trip).  He also started pulling out anything and everything and putting it on Colin, Bruce, and even a nice diamond watch on CandyBarbie herself.

Cartier Glasses and Watch...Superstar!

After all agreeing that the guys need to make it to their second contracts before making purchases at Cartier (and thanking Rand for his help) we left and headed down to Niemans again to look at more shoes.

Giving their opinions to CandyBarbie

The Jimmy Choo’s I wrote about in part one we had thought about getting if they had them at Nieman’s.  They did not so we went downstairs to the mens department to try on clothes.  Amazingly, this afternoon I picked up a copy of People and there were the EXACT SAME PAIR on her highness, Kate Middelton.  Now I want to go off topic here for just a second and talk about my wife’s uncanny ability to pick out the most fashionable clothes.  And she picks them out at all price ranges, ahead of when they are seen being worn in public by celebs. 
I actually feel bad about the fact that my job requires us to live an a place that doesn’t support jobs like personal shoppers and stylists.  It’s literally stunned me how many times we’ve been shopping together, she’s pulled things off the rack and proclaimed that she loves them, they’re so cute…only to have her then show me the exact same items 2-3 weeks later in an issue of US Weekly or People being worn by a major celebrity.  It happens no less than 5-6 times per year easily.  And even more frequently she points out things being worn on red carpet shows or pulls pictures off the net for this blog to proclaim them “cute” or “hideous” only to have those same items show up on E! Fashion Police as the “Look of the Week” or “Best Dressed” or in the case of the hideous, “Worst Dressed”.  She truly is missing out on her calling in life and I feel sad about it.
Anyway, back to the days shopping events.
Downstairs the boys were able to find some things.  Colin refused to try on a salmon colored Prada shirt, but he did try on a very nice Gucci button up with french cuffs and a pair of True Religions that fortunately for him were on sale over 60% off (and very stylish…a rare, rare find indeed).  He also laughed at a sweater he saw on the rack that he called “the Cosby sweater” only to try it on for fun and decide it actually looked pretty good.

Colin sporting the Cosby look

We left after Colin picked up the pair of True’s and headed next door to Louis Vuitton to further goof around in stores we really didn’t have any intentions of making a purchase in.  There was one ridiculously nice looking button up shirt in there (I liked it and Colin liked it more than CandyBarbie I think) but it was too much for any of us to actually buy.
Leaving LV, we headed for our last stop…Gucci.  There was one mission which was to look at men’s belts for my brother, which wound up turning into two missions when CandyBarbie found a pair of reasonably priced shoes that she fell in love with.  We actually wound up being in the store until 30 minutes after they closed, but they were very accommodating to us and we appreciated it greatly.
At this point Colin and Bruce were done for the day and so were we.  We shook hands, gave hugs, and said our good bye’s before parting our ways.  The boys headed to the parking garage for the drive back to Santa Clara and we headed back to BART.
After a long (but relaxing) train ride back to Dublin and another long drive back to our home, we both fell asleep on the couch and had to drag our way back up to the bedroom.
All-in-all it was an extremely fun and extremely tiring day.
Next weekend it will be more of the same when CandyBarbie helps my sister shop for wedding dresses while I attend my second Giants game of the season against the Milwaukee Brewers.


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  1. Rand Kaepernick

    HEY.HEY,HEY it’s buff albert. Sounds and looks like you had a great day.

  2. Kyle

    We really did. Just had a lot of fun shopping around all day. We are going to the Giants game this weekend against the Brewers and will get the football taken care of then. Didn’t really want to be lugging it around Union Sq all day but we got over 3 weeks still so no worries.

  3. Kathy

    Careful CandyBarbie……..CandyKen is going to steal your blog. Nice job Kyle!

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