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Bob Mackie Circus Barbie

I have wanted this doll for a loooong time!  And now I have her!  The Bob Mackie Circus Barbie!  She is Gold Label and one of only 6,000 dolls made worldwide.  Wow!  And she is stunning!

And the back of the box….

This Barbie is amazing and I love her!  Her outfit has so many intricate details-from the top of her hat to the bottom of her shoes!  And I especially love that she has green eyes!  (I have green eyes too!)  Thanks Ky-Ky for the early birthday gift!

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New Additions to the Collection!

I have a very special post coming tomorrow….




I received a few early birthday gifts and am very pleased to announce that I am the proud new owner of several Gold Label Barbie’s!  Woo!  I cannot wait to show them off!  I don’t have time to do a proper post on them today, as they deserve something really special!  Look for it tomorrow, friends!  I will leave you with this, though:





Until tomorrow…..Happy Thursday!

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Whitney Port and her kicks

Whitney Port was out and about in Los Angeles….wearing Converse.  And a nasty outfit.  The thing is….I hate her outift….but like her sneakers.  For some strange reason I have always been a fan of Converse sneakers.  Always.  I own about four pairs and they rotate regularly through my outfits.  I just think they’re really cute.  I don’t own any high-top ones, though, I like mine low!   Back to Whitney.

 And let me remind you that she is a “fashion designer.”  Apparently.  I think Whitney is pretty.  She is tall and thin and has a different look going on.  She certainly isn’t a cookie-cutter blonde in Hollywood.  And that is definitely a good thing.  But when I see young fashion designers walking around in clothes that are ugly, I immediately think their fashion line will be less-than-desirable.  Which I know isn’t always the case.  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are a perfect example.  Generally speaking I think they always look bad.  Really bad.  In their clothing choices, I mean.  Always wearing stuff that is frumpy and baggy and old-ladyish.  But their designer line Elizabeth and James is quite nice.  It certainly is not a reflection of their own personal fashion choices.  And that is a great thing.   Again, back to Whitney.   I guess what I hate most about this outfit is the shorts.  I do not like the fold-over part or the draw-string.  The top is just so-so, but when paired with the shorts I don’t care for it.  And if she is just out running errands and grabbing a coffee, why does she need such a large purse?!  That thing is ginormous!   I do like those converse though!  I realize they aren’t really appropriate with her outfit, but hey, I’m entitled to my own opinion!  I just love ‘em! 

When I first spotted these photos over at Hollywood Tuna, I was cracking up!  The dude who writes over there was not a fan of this outfit!  Here is what he had to say about it:

“ I get that the paparazzi and blogs like myself are probably pretty damn annoying, but that doesn’t mean you should leave the house in giant old lady shorts and stupid looking Converse… You’re a woman right? Act like one. “



Made me laugh…sounds like something my husband would say.  Thanks, Hollywood Tuna, for the photos and the giggle!



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Kristin Cav will find a new man!

Kristin Cavallari is too good for Jay Cutler.  If the rumors are true and Jay was super controlling and was the one who dumped her, well then, he is nuts.  Kristin is hot and Jay is not.  Period.  I do feel bad for her, because going through a breakup is never easy.  Especially if she really did just recently purchase her wedding dress.  Sad.  But she will bounce back.  She is young and gorgeous and famous.  Besides, I didn’t think she was ready to settle down just yet.  That would’ve been a recipe for the big D anyway.  (Divorce!) 

Kristin was out and about in Los Angeles the other day, walking her dog and chatting on her BlackBerry.  And lookin’ pretty darn cute while doing it!

Sooooo, last night Kyle Thomas and I had a very deep, very thought-provoking conversation:  Who should Kristin date next?  This was a hard one!  We could hardly come up with anyone!  Here is the measly list we compiled:

  • Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl hunk-Kyle’s pick)
  • Zac Efron (whaaaat?!-I know, I know.  Again, Kyle’s pick)
  • Justin Timberlake (My pick-my heart isn’t really in this one, I just couldn’t think of anyone!)

There you have it!  Our sad little list of three potential suitors for Kristin.  Now it’s your turn!  I want to know who you think Kristen should date now that her and Jay are dunzo!  Tell me!  And while you’re at it….


Have a great Wednesday!  :)

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Lucky Smurf!

Colombian hottie/actress Sofia Vergara was on the red carpet (blue actually!) at the premiere of the new Smurfs movie, posing with, well a Smurf.  And what a lucky Smurf he was…..

Sofia is a really gorgeous woman!  And she looks really pretty in this purple floor-length strapless dress.  And I am not a super-huge fan of the color purple, either.  I just wish she would’ve accessorized with some other colors instead of loading up on purple bracelets and carrying a purple clutch.  She is wearing turquoise earrings which are a really good color contrast against the rest of her purple ensemble.  This dress is pretty busy, so actually she doesn’t need a lot of jewelry.  She could’ve not worn any bracelets and replaced the purple clutch with a turquoise one, and that would make this an A+ outfit, IMO. 

 I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!  My Monday yesterday was less than stellar, so keep your fingers crossed for me that today is a better day!

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