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Snooki gets cray-cray!

A couple of weekends ago Snooki hosted a pool party at Wet Republic in Las Vegas. 



Before I say anything, let me say this:  I really like Snooki.  And I really like Jersey Shore.  Buuuuut, she does look pretty ridiculous in the above photos!  It is almost like she doesn’t want people to take her seriously….yet I know she has serious aspirations of being a legit businesswoman.  Not gonna happen lookin’ (and behaving) like that! 

This photo made me smile, though, because it reminds me of myself…a little bit…


I take my camera with me everywhere.  (Literally!)  And I am constantly asking Kyle Thomas (and others!) to take my picture.  So I can totally relate to this picture!  

And guess who stopped by Snooki’s pool party? 


Holly Madison!  Lucky Snooki!  Everyone wants to hang out and party with Holly!  *insert very jealous, very sad face here*

Oh wells!  Maybe someday I will get to party with Holly!  *fingers crossed*  I hope everyone has a great day!


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AFAN’s Black and White Party at the Cosmopolitan

This is Darth aka Ken aka Ky-Ky taking a minute of time to talk about a good cause that recently went down in Las Vegas this past weekend.  Before I get started on that, it should be noted that CandyBarbie and I have made a lot of friends in Nevada and frequently travel there ever since my little brother, Colin, played 4 years of football for the University of Nevada.  Many of the people we’ve gotten to know through those games are residents of Reno and Las Vegas.

The 25th annual AFAN (Aid For Aid’s in Nevada) Black and White Party took place Saturday night at the Cosmopolitan’s (our favorite new hotel) Boulevard Pool.  We saw lots of tweets throughout the night from various celebrities that were in attendance, including a few funny pics, and thought what a fun time and great way to raise money for people living with HIV/Aids in Nevada.  You can read all about AFAN here:

The crowd at the Black and White party ranged from politicians and celebrities to everyday citizens looking to support the cause.

Here are some of the notables who were in attendance to support a good cause:

Miss Nevada 2011 Sarah Chapman

Penny Pibbets, Angel Porrino, and Melody Sweets of Absinthe (via AP's twitter)

Penn and Teller

Laura Croft (via LC's twitter)

Also in attendance were Nevada Congresswoman Dina Titus, actor Patrick Duffy, and other news and television personalities.  It was announced at the beginning of the evening that the party had raised over $6o,000 in just pre sale tickets and donations alone.  What a great night and event for a good cause!

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Lucky Mark Salling!

Glee castmember Mark Salling was lucky enough to celebrate his 29th birthday at Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas…..with Holly Madison!


Lucky Mark!  I am so very jealous! ;) 

Now, I do not watch Glee, but I know the show is like, crazy-popular!  And I also know that Mark has a solo album that was released sometime last year.  Don’t know much else about this dude!  Check out his amazing birthday cake….


Pretty sweet!   And doesn’t he just look thrilled to death?! *insert sarcasm here*  Well, all I know is, if he partied with Holly Madison at Marquee for his birthday, then he should be smiling from ear-to-ear.  Period. 



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Selena Gomez in Toronto

Several days before the VMA’s, which were held in Los Angeles, Selena Gomez was in Toronto at the MuchMusic headquarters.


What a doll!  I absolutely adore this outfit!  The horse print shirt, the pin-stripe shorts and the suede booties look great together.  It is casual and super-cute and perfect for the occasion!  This is something I myself would wear!  Obviously I won’t be going to the MuchMusic headquarters in Toronto anytime soon, but still.  I would definitely wear this outfit.  Totally fab! 

But the very-best part about this photo?  No Justin Bieber!  ;)


Happy Wednesday, friends!

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Lake Bell likes a good old fashioned orgy

Actress (and star of the wildly funny web series Children’s Hospital!) Lake Bell stepped out in Hollywood at the Lexington Social House to attend the premiere of A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. 

Yes it is a movie.  The cast includes Jason Sudeikis and Leslie Bibb.  It is about a group of friends who decide to throw an end of summer orgy!  Sounds funny! 

But lets talk about this dress she chose for the movie premiere.  I don’t think I really like it.  Lake is really thin (in a good way!) and looks really good in her clothes!  This dress is no exception.  She looks good in it, I just don’t care for it.  I am not a fan of  cut-outs or strappy fabric on top.  And I actually don’t really care for her shoes, either.  (Weird, right?!)  Aaaaand to finish it off, I don’t like her hair!  She has really gorgeous hair, and I think it kinda looks ratty and messy (not in a good way!). 

What do you think of Lake’s strappy black dress?  Yay or nay?

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