Airport style: Keira Knightley in Wren

Talk about lookin’ good while traveling!  Keira Knightley was looking quite stylish at the Toronto Pearson International Airport on her way to the Toronto Film Festival….



Keira wore a printed dress and a contrast cardigan, both by Wren.  This dress is super cute, and I love the cardigan paired with it!  I even like her blue-velvet flats!  Of course, I would prefer to see Keira in heels or wedges, but I understand that she was at the airport and does deserve to be comfortable while traveling.  Otherwise….there would be no excuse for wearing flats with such a cute dress/cardigan combo!

And I do have to add….this makes me so utterly happy to see a celeb dressed nicely while traveling!  It seems more often than not (lately, at least) that celebs are wearing, like, sweat-pants and Ugg boots to the airport.  Gross!  You don’t have to look ratty simply because you are getting on an airplane.  Am I right?!  I think so. 

What do you think?  Do you like Keira’s airport style? 





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