Chucks & A Chunky Cardigan: Emma Robert’s Street Style

Emma Roberts was out running errands in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago sporting some very cute street style…

Emma wore a chunky cable-knit grey Theme sweater and paired it with black low-top Converse sneakers and a black leather bag by Rachel Zoe. 

Typically I would never condone wearing black leggings as pants, but I am not entirely sure the pants Emma is wearing here are leggings.  Are they leggings or are they skinny jeans?  I don’t know…but either way I think she looks really cute!  She has long, skinny legs so she can pull off such a look.  Most people can’t. 

In addition to her pants, I very much like everything else about this look!  As a casual, daytime outfit, I think Emma looks comfortable but not sloppy.  The sweater and Converse are cute and the black Rachel Zoe bag adds just the right amount of dressiness to bring the whole look together!  I really like it all!

What do you think?  Do you like Emma’s casual street style?  Yay or nay? 



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  1. yay…..she looks and is carrying this simple attire quite well…the colour combo is dull but looks nice the way it has been clubbed. Her hand bag is good but a brighter colour would have added more to it. its a yay !!!

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