‘The View’: Dianna Agron in Alice + Olivia

What is yellow and blue and flowery all over?!  This girl!

Celeb:  Dianna Agron

Designer:  Alice + Olivia

Event: ‘The View’ taping, New York City

Verdict:  So, so, so lovely!  I absolutely adore this navy blue and yellow flower print Alice + Olivia dress!  I think it is so freaking cute!  And although it is rather matchy-matchy, I actually really like the navy blue pumps and navy blue coat as well.  I think she looks perfectly put-together…so classy and chic but still very feminine and sexy at the same time.  I love this dress and wouldn’t mind having it for myself!  ;)

What do you think?  Do you like this flowery Alice + Olivia dress on Dianna?  Love it or loathe it?  Yay or nay?


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  1. rand

    Girl can wear whatever she wants,looks good in anything and better yet with nothing. One thing that turns my crank with this beauty is her lower lip, every time I see it all I want to do is bite it. Don’t know why but just love it.

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