Celeb Street Style: Sister Edition

Celebrating some sisterly street style on this lovely Sunday morning….


Celebs:  Marta (left) and Joanna Krupa

Where:  Shopping in Los Angeles

Verdict:  I think both women look cute.

Marta:  I really like her gray v-neck t-shirt!  I think it is a perfect choice for a casual afternoon of shopping and lunching and well, just hanging out.  And I like her bag, too.  Very chic.  I am just so-so about her jeans, though.  I mean, I am not crazy about ripped jeans for myself personally, but I do think they look good on her.  She wears them well.  And I like that they aren’t so ripped that they are practically falling off of her.  She finished her outfit with a pair of brown strappy wedges.   Not sure that is the best shoe choice for a day of walking around shopping, but oh wells.  Such is the life of a socialite.  Plus, the shoes are very cute.  Overall, I would say Marta did a good job dressing for a casual day on the town with her sister.

Joanna:  I feel like Joanna looks slightly more dressed up than her sister.  Yes?  I will start by saying this:  I LOVE her purse!  I love the color (so versatile!) and the chain-like detail!  So gorgeous!  Now, onto her outfit.  I don’t really know why, but I am not crazy about her white strapless top.  I like the eyelet detail on the top, but for whatever reason I just don’t love it.  Skinny jeans, turquoise-colored platform pumps and dangly earrings of the same color complete her casual look.  I definitely like her shoes, but I don’t think they are appropriate for a day of shopping.  I mean, when I am out shopping, I absolutely DO NOT want to worry about my feet hurting.  Shopping should bring pleasure, not pain.  Overall, Joanna looks cute, but I think I prefer Marta’s casual style.

What do you think?  Which woman’s outfit do you prefer?  Do you like Marta’s t-shirt and ripped jeans?  Or are Joanna’s white eyelet top and brightly colored pumps more your style?




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  1. I would obviously be more than happy to go shopping with one on each arm !! LOL ( not sure my wallet would cope though ).

    I think sometimes ripped jeans can just end up looking trashy, but actually she gets away with it. I like the grey top better than the white one. The white one just doesn’t have anything going for it. No particular shape, no nice cut, no nice detail, it’s just meh!!….. and are my eyes deceiving me, or are those suede turquiose pumps ?? – if so – they’re way cool. Luckily us blokes don’t have the shoe problem when shopping. In fact, most of us are sensible enough not to go shopping for so long that it would hurt your feet anyway !!! LOL

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