Nail Polish Review: Essie No More Film

Today’s manicure is brought to you by Essie! ‘No More Film’ is the color!

Essie’s No More Film

This polish is amazing!  The color, I mean.  This is a deep purple-blue kind of color.  When I first bought this polish, I thought it was a midnight-blue color, but on my nails it is much more purple….a very dark purple.  When you see it on you don’t immediately think ’purple’….it just looks sort of dark.  But when you really look at it you see how the color shifts from dark blue to purple.  Really quite lovely.  Now, for the downside.  I thought the formula was very poor.  I felt like the first coat was very clumpy….like the polish was very thick.  I had a hard time getting an even coat, without big, thick glue-like spots on my nails.  I let the first coat dry completely before applying the second coat.  With the application of the second coat, the thickness of the polish didn’t seem quite as bad.  The color is very rich, but because the application was difficult, it was hard to have a nice, opaque application with the first coat….which is why I went for a second coat.  After the second coat was all done, the color looked perfect.  Nice and even.  And this polish is crazy-shiny!  You could get away without a top-coat.  I applied my Essie All in One Base coat, two coats of No More Film and Seche Vite on top.  The first day I wore this manicure I got multiple compliments!  Actually, I was shopping in the nail polish section of Neiman Marcus and I asked a salesperson about a Deborah Lippmann polish and she just went crazy over my Essie manicure!  She liked it so much that she had a co-worker come over to see my nails!  So, there you have it.  No More Film is an outstanding color…but the formula is lacking, IMO.  Even still, I will definitely wear this manicure again!



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