LACMA 2012 Art + Film Gala: Florence Welch in Gucci


Celeb:  Florence Welch

Designer:  Gucci (dress, bag and jewelry)

Event:   LACMA 2012 Art + Film Gala, Los Angeles

Verdict:  Amazing!  Typically I am not a huge fan of Florence and her wacky fashion, but this royal-blue-turned-purple Gucci gown is absolutely stunning!  The oversize sheer sleeves, the belt and the plunging neckline….it is all so fantastic!  And I mean, this color is so great with her red hair and light skin.  And the styling is really lovely, too….the romantic braided up-do, the chain headpiece and the yellow-gold diamond earrings add the perfect finishing touches.  The only thing I am not loving about this look is the rings on her fingers!  She is wearing too many, IMO.  I don’t like it when women wear rings on every finger….I feel like it looks a bit gaudy.  Other than that, though, I think Florence looks gorgeous!

What do you think?  Do you like Florence in this Gucci dress?  Love it or loathe it?  Yay or nay?


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