‘Les Miserables’ Premiere: Eddie Redmayne in Alexander McQueen


Celeb:  Eddie Redmayne

Designer:  Alexander McQueen

Event:  ‘Les Miserables’ Premiere, New York City

Verdict:  HELLO!  This dude looks amazing!  Now, I can’t necessarily say that I think ‘Les Miserables’ looks amazing, but this crisp blue Alexander McQueen suit sure does!  I love the bright white shirt underneath and the burgundy pocket square with the check tie are perfect with this suit.  This whole look is perfectly styled, IMO.  Eddie looks great!  Wish he would’ve taken his hands out of his pocket, though.  Even still, I give this an A+!

What do you think?  Do you like Eddie in this Alexander McQueen suit?  Love it or loathe it?  Yay or nay?



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