Iron Man 3 Photocall: Robert Downey Jr in German Lederhosen


Celeb:  Robert Downey Jr

Designer:  Gucci (boots) worn with traditional German lederhosen

Event:  Iron Man 3 Photocall, Germany

Verdict:  Well, I hate to say this, because I really love RDJr, but this is ridiculous.  I mean, he is most certainly hunky and charismatic and chic and charming, but this is absurd.  Even for him.  I get that he is trying to be cutesy and clever or whatever by wearing the lederhosen because this photocall is in Germany….but still.  This is ridonkulous!  I love Robbie, but I do not like this!  FYI ROBERT: fashion is not a joke.  It is, however, about trying new things and stepping outside of your comfort zone, but as I said, this is just silly.

What do you think?  Do you think Robert is super clever by wearing traditional German lederhosen to a photocall in Germany?  Love it?  Loathe it?



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3 Responses to Iron Man 3 Photocall: Robert Downey Jr in German Lederhosen

  1. Sunnie

    Love him but I hate what he is wearing! That’s a No No!

  2. Kyle

    Do you think if he ditched the bandana around his neck you would have hated it less?

  3. Kerstin

    Every man looks good in Lederhosen :-P

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