Iron Man 3 Premiere: Gwyneth Paltrow in Antonio Berardi





Celeb:  Gwyneth Paltrow

Designer:  Antonio Berardi (top and maxi skirt), Christian Louboutin (sandals)

Event:  Iron Man 3 Premiere, Los Angeles

Verdict:  Dare I say this….but….I really like this!  As I am not a huge fan of Gwynnie, I can admit when she looks good….and GIRL LOOKS GOOD!  Typically I would not be a fan of such a revealing dress for a red carpet event (or any other event, really) but in this case it is the Iron Man 3 premiere, so it feels right….if that makes sense.  The colors in this Antonio Berardi ensemble: the black and white paired with the green and navy….I don’t know….they just work together.  Like I said, to me, this dress just looks Iron Man-ish.  Somehow appropriate.  I really can’t explain it any further than that.  And not to mention that Gwyneth Queen of the World Paltrow has a KILLER bod.  So, in any other instance, and probably on anybody else, a bit of butt cheek on the red carpet would be a giant no-no.  But on this day only, for Gwyneth and for Iron Man, I say yes.  She makes this dress look chic and feminine, and I think she looks sexy as ever!  The white Christian Louboutin sandals are great with this dress, IMO.  And, lastly, plain hair and makeup.  But let’s be honest.  With a dress like this one, plain hair and makeup are the way to go.  The dress stands alone.  For me, this is a stand-out look that most couldn’t pull off.  Gwyneth does, and does it quite well.  A+

What do you think?  Do you like Gwyneth in this multi-color, sheer panel Antonio Berardi blouse and maxi skirt?  Love it or hate it?  Classy or trashy?


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  1. Rosycoast

    I think I’d like that dress better without those strange sleeves. Cut those off and it would be killer.

    She certainly wears it well.

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