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My Weekend in Nola!

Hello friends!  As you may have noticed, I have been a bit absent on the blog as of late!  Life has been crazy and hectic!  Something that I would like to share with you guys, though, is a recent family trip to New Orleans!  My husband and I were lucky enough to go to Super Bowl 47 in The Big Easy!!!  My brother-in-law, Colin Kaepernick, plays for the San Francisco 49ers, so the whole family made the trip to support him and the team!  And let me tell you….what an amazing experience!  I AM SERIOUSLY SO GRATEFUL.

Our adventure began Thursday January 31st…Kyle and I (along with my sister-in-law Devon and brother-in-law George) boarded the 49ers Family & Friends charter plane after meeting up at Candlestick Park in the early morning.











Fast forward 5 hours….HELLO LOUISIANA!

just touched down in Nola!


So, once we arrived, we headed to our hotel to meet up with family, grab a drink and head over to the 49ers Family and Friends welcome party!

decor in the hotel bar!


me & Colin

me & Mike Iupati

me & Coach Harbaugh

The party was tons of fun!  Most of the players stopped by to visit with family and take pictures with friends and fans.  There was a plethora of food, drinks, Mardi Gras masks and beads!  Kyle and I hung out for a while before sneaking off with Colin for a little bit of alone time!  I mean, geez, we never get to see him, so when we do it’s definitely nice to get some quiet time where we can actually talk to each other!   The team had a midnight curfew, so after lots of visiting, laughing and hugging, we said goodnight.  Kyle then hit the casino while I hit the sheets!  Traveling makes me tired, man!

Friday morning we woke up to a gorgeous day:

First up on our to-do list:  check out Cafe Du Monde and their world-famous beignets!  The cafe was first built in 1862 and is located on Decatur Street down in the French Quarter….walking distance from our hotel (we stayed at The DoubleTree downtown).  Kyle and I both went traditional: we each had a café au lait and a bag of beignets.  And MAN OH MAN!  Cafe Du Monde did not disappoint!  The French-style beignets are sort of hunks of square-shaped dough that is deep-fried and covered in massive amounts of powdered sugar.  I expected them to taste like doughnuts, but surprisingly enough, they tasted nothing like that!  They have a unique flavor, and I highly recommend picking up a bag of these tasty treats if you are ever in The Big Easy.  So yummy!

powdered sugar in ma face!





After stuffing our faces, we decided to walk around a bit.  See what the French Quarter had to offer!  And guess what?  There are so many cool shops, street vendors, bars and restaurants…there isn’t enough time in the day for everything!  Another positive?  The weather!  The weather was absolutely perfect while we were in town!  So lucky!




Colin on the side of the aquarium!


QB’s on stilts!

Later in the afternoon we met up with our good friend Stephanie who was in town hosting some Super Bowl events and parties.  And guess what?!  She introduced us to one of her good friends who was also in town….SI model/host/actress/chef/comedian extraordinaire Chrissy Teigen!

Chrissy was unbelievably nice and stunning in person.  Gorgeous, really.  And she was nice enough to pose with me for a quick photo!  Thanks, Chrissy!

Later that evening we met up with some family and headed over to Bourbon Street for dinner and drinks (mainly drinks)!  Our first stop was a cute little spot called Saints & Sinners owned by Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum.


We had a quick bite, guzzled some drinks, chatted with our waiter about the best local spots….and we were off!  To drink!  Hurricanes, grenades and sazerac’s OH MY!


grenade double duty!

So, after a fun-filled evening on Bourbon Street, the entire family met up at the 49ers team hotel to spend a little bit of time with Colin.  The Marriot was nice enough to set aside a banquet room where the family could get together privately.  And then….a surprise guest!  Colin’s University of Nevada Reno football coach, Chris Ault stopped by to say hello!


reunited and it feels so good!

It was nice to see the two chatting and catching up….and I’m fairly certain I heard the phrase “I’m so proud of you!” several times.  Very sweet.  Tons of hugs later, Colin had to leave and re-join his teammates.   And the rest of the Kaepernick clan took to the streets of New Orleans for some late night exploring!  Kyle and I walked over to where the Playboy party was being held to see if we could spot any rogue celebs.  No such luck.  Although we did catch a glimpse of Anna Faris being chauffeured in a black Audi over to the party.  Her car was stopped in traffic for quite a long time so she occasionally hopped out and took pictures with fans.  She’s pretty darn adorable, too!  After our Anna-sighting we decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel.

Saturday morning we awoke to even better weather and wanted to get a move on!  Didn’t want to dilly-dally and waste the day away lounging in the hotel.  Too much to do!  Too much to see!   And, I was on a mission:  to find the perfect Mardi Gras mask.

Mission accomplished:

Got my fortune told in a voo-doo shop:


Aaaaand got to play with a giant Drew Brees head:


who dat?!


Even managed to fit in an actual sit-down meal:

Okay, this was Ky-ky’s food. I would

Now for the fun part of Saturday.  Our friend Stephanie invited us to accompany her and another friend to the DirecTV party that was being held at Mardi Gras World!  The four of us hopped in a cab and jetted straight to the party.  And guess what?!  It was AMAZEBALLS!  As soon as we arrived, we were handed drinks, being introduced to people left and right…..THEN JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE TOOK THE STAGE.  Justin Freaking Timberlake, y’all!  We were all dancing and singing along….then Jay-Z came out!  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Justin and Jay-Z on stage together!  It was literally one of the greatest concerts, like, ever!  So much fun!


the lovely Stephanie & myself


Justin & Jay-Z

Justin bringing sexy back! (sorry I had to)


After the concert Kyle & I returned back to the hotel around 2 a.m. and decided to call it a night.  A truly fun night with friends!

Sunday morning:  Game Day.  The big game.  SUPERBOWL.  Kick off wasn’t scheduled until 5:30 pm, but as soon as we woke up we started getting ready to go.  Once the whole gang was dressed, downstairs and ready we headed over to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  The stadium was about a fifteen minutes walk from The DoubleTree…once we arrived….wow.  Just wow.


It’s hard to describe, but once we arrived, and put into perspective where we were and what was happening, it was just so surreal.  We were going to watch Colin play in the Superbowl, on top of which was only his 10th NFL career start.  How amazing/crazy/insane/cool is that?!  It was pretty awesome.


proud bro & sis-in-law


Little Colin fans!


view from our seats

Once seated, it was strange.  Both Kyle and myself were so nervous, yet at the same time felt like crying.  It is hard to put to words the feelings that rush over you.  I know myself personally, I felt so proud and happy for Colin, like I knew this day would come.  Just never dreamed it would come so soon.

Now, we all know the outcome of the game.  The 49ers came so close, but ended up losing.  And you know what?  Losing is never easy, but it’s okay.  I am so incredibly proud of Colin for playing such an amazing game, leading the team, and almost winning.  But this is just the beginning.  The beginning of something great.  Like I said, I am incredibly proud of the whole team.  What a great season!

I simply cannot say this enough….this was such an awesome trip and I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of it!  Special thanks to Colin, Stephanie and Shawn for not only making the trip possible, but making it amazing!

Until next year……  ;)




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EDC 2012: Day 1

Good Morning friends!  My handsome hubby and I are in the very warm, yet very entertaining city of Las Vegas, Nevada.  We arrived here in Vegas Thursday afternoon.  Reason for the trip?  The Electric Daisy Carnival…otherwise known as EDC.  EDC is held at the Speedway here in Vegas and is a 3-day music festival.  There are multiple stages with different musicians playing music literally all night long.  EDC is strictly EDM (Electronic Dance Music) so there are famous DJ’s from all around the world who travel to Vegas to claim a spot on one of the many coveted EDC stages.   Each day the carnival (yes, it is technically a carnival.  There are rides and everything!) opens at 7 pm and music is played all through the night until the last artists wrap up the show at 5 am.

This is my first time attending EDC, and let me tell you, it is a sight to behold.  It is pretty much unlike anything I have ever seen.  So.Many.People.  Everywhere.  Last year EDC drew a crowd of over 230,000 people and this year that number is expected to rise to over 300,000.  It is crazy and overwhelming at times.  Indescribable, really.  Music is blaring all night long, there are ferris wheels, side-show performers, fire-breathing dragons, food and drinks galore….and the costumes.  Oh, the costumes.  You name it, and it is probably at EDC.

EDC attire consists mainly of women in next-to-nothing.  Bikini tops, fuzzy knee-high boots, fishnet everything, neon anything, glow sticks, pasties and of course, daisies affixed to any and every part of the body.   It is pretty crazy.  Guys, too.  It isn’t just the ladies going bonkers.  I saw men in pasties, leather chaps, fuzzy boots, underwear and body paint.  But hey, it’s a party, so anything goes!

As I said, I am a first-time EDC-goer so I kept my attire very demure.  I figured I would play it safe the first night, and get a feel for what people are wearing, so I would have a better idea of how to dress for the next two nights.  Here is what I settled on for day 1 of EDC:

EDC: Day1 outfit

Outfit Details:

* Striped sleeveless blouse-Poetry

* Jean shorts & belt-Forever 21

* Sandals-DV Dolce Vita

My outfit choice ended up being fine.  I was a bit worried that I would be, like, the only person not wearing a funky costume of some sort.  But that wasn’t the case at all.  While many people (guys and girls) were dressed wild and crazy, there were just as many in regular attire.  I was perfectly comfortable….and am very much looking forward to the next two nights!  Should be an experience I will never forget!  ;)



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On the road again!

After three lovely nights in Wisconsin, Kyle Thomas and I are headed home. Wednesday after Kyle’s conference was finished we rented a car and drove up to Wisconsin from Chicago to visit family. And we had a blast! Our only complaint? Not enough time there! Kylemeister has quite a bit of family that lives in Wisconsin, so it’s hard to see everyone in just two days.

We arrived in the freezing tundra that is New London, Wisconsin around 9 pm on Wednesday night. We stayed up visiting with Ky-Ky’s grandma for a couple of hours, then went to bed. Thursday we spent the entire day catching up with family, just talking and laughing and telling stories. Friday was more of the same, but with the other half of the family! We really had a great time and appreciate everyone going out of their way to accommodate us and taking time out of their schedules to come see us!

Now Darth and I are on the road again-making the three hour drive back to Chicago-to drop off the rental car and jump on a plane back home to California!

So I must leave you now….but I will be back later….with pictures and stories from this past week! And of course more fashion! ;)

Happy Saturday!!

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Dinner time!

Kyle Thomas and I are headed out to dinner with some of his co-workers and colleagues!  The restaurant we are going to is only a couple of blocks down from our hotel so we are walking.  I like being able to walk everywhere when we are on trips!  I feel like I am getting little mini-workouts in here and there-which is good considering all the extra food we seem to consume while on vacation!  (Working vacation for Ky-Ky, mini vacay for me!)

The place we will soon be eating at is called Texas de Brazil and is advertised as a Brazilian Steakhouse. 

I researched it a little bit and discovered that all the meat they serve is cooked over an open flame grill and they carve it while still on the skewer and it goes directly to your plate!  They also have a ginormous salad bar-which is right up my alley!  Sounds yummy!  

Off to dinner we go!!  I will let you know how it turns out! 

  Happy Tuesday evening!!



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Michigan Avenue aka The Magnificent Mile

As you all know, Kyle Thomas and I are in Chicago.  And I am not typically the kind of person that likes to just go off on their own and you know, explore.  Especially in big cities.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like exploring new places, just not when I have to fly solo!  I get nervous because I have a god awful sense of direction!  Seriously.  If I feel like I am headed in the right direction, then that is the first clue that I am, in fact, headed in the wrong direction.  Bad sense of direction runs in my family, apparently.  My mom has no clue when it comes to directions, nor does my sister.  When the three of us get together, oh man.  It isn’t pretty. 

And the weather in Chicago yesterday was not good.  Very bad weather for spending time outside.  But today?  Today is gorgeous and sunny and lovely!  I couldn’t spend it inside the hotel all day!  (BTW-the downstairs lobby in this hotel is like…I don’t know…a bustling airport cafe…lots of grouchy looking people on laptops surrounded by luggage.  It is slightly annoying.)

So, I ventured out ALONE and headed for Michigan Avenue, which is also known as ‘Magnificent Mile’!  Here are some of the pictures that I took:

This Marilyn Monroe statue is fairly new-it was just unveiled in July and is quite the popular spot for photos!  I couldn’t get a shot of her without other people getting in the way!  Dang it! 

Notice in the photo above…the people just sitting there?  There were literally like 20 people hovering around this statue to get picture of it and with it, and those two are just sitting there?   Photo-bombing every.single.picture.  I think that is very inconsiderate.  There are plenty of other places to sit….like the benches that are five feet away!!  Come on, people!  Do you really have to sit right on the base of the statue so no one has a chance at getting a good picture?!  Ugh!  It really kinda ticks me off! 

On a happier note….you know I had to get a picture of her undies!

Marilyn has on white granny panties!  Ha!

Okay, moving along….

NBC Studios!  Kinda cool….

Me with the NBC Peacock on my head…sorta…

I was wearing a blue blazer, but it was too hot out, so I had to take it off.  (The outfit was cuter with the blazer!)






And for my football playin’ little bro-in-law…..


In case he is ever in Chicago, he will definitely want to know where this place is!! ;)

I even snapped a couple of photos of the river….and a tour boat….




After I was done walking around (bad idea wearing wedges-my feet started hurting!) I perched here…..

And just did a bit of people watching!  Until, that is, a strange man walked over and started talking to me.  That was my que to head back to the hotel! 

One more picture I forgot, though….

I don’t remember what building this was….but it looked super-cool and had hunks of other buildings from around the world in it!  See….

Waaaaay cool, IMO!  I love that kind of stuff!  One of the other walls had a piece of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, which I got really excited about, since I visited Egypt a couple of years ago! 

Anyhoo, now that I have shared with you some of my pictures, I am thinking about venturing back out, while it is still light outside!  Kyle Thomas is still in his conference, and I am feelin’ brave!  Here I go!



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