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70th Annual Golden Globe Awards: Olivia Munn in Giorgio Armani

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


Celeb:  Olivia Munn

Designer:  Giorgio Armani

Event:  70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Los Angeles

Verdict:  I love this!  Olivia was one of my favorites on the Golden Globe red carpet this year!  I love the navy blue skirt and turquoise encrusted top!  A silver Armani clutch and silver Armani heels served as accessories.  A sleek, pulled-back hairdo, minimal makeup and a Chopard necklace provided the finishing touches!  Love it!  A+!

What do you think?  Do you like Olivia in this Giorgio Armani gown?  Love it or loathe it?  Yay or nay?





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Foxy Armani

Apparently Megan Fox is the new Armani spokesmodel.  And her new ads have been deemed ‘racy.’  Now, when I think of Armani, I think high-end, high-fashion.  But, I don’t necessarily think super-classy, like say, Chanel.  I think of Armani as more cutting-edge, and maybe kind of trendy.  Honestly, I think Megan Fox is pretty perfect to be the new face of Armani.  She is super-hot, young and very popular.  Even with her tattoos, I think she is just right for the job.  And I don’t really think any of these photos are very racy…..

I don’t really even like any of these pictures of Megan.  I mean, sure, they’re not sweet and innocent, but neither is Armani and neither is Megan.  It would be dumb if they tried to photograph her in any other light, in my opinion.  I really don’t see what the big deal is……

What do you think?  Are Megan’s Armani ads too racy?


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