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Beyonce for H&M’s Summer 2013 Campaign

Being the queen of the world just isn’t enough for Mrs. Carter!  She is now the face of H&M’s 2013 Summer Campaign….



Print and television ads were shot in the Bahamas and will feature various pieces from the summer collection.   Billboards will introduce the singer as ‘Mrs. Carter in H&M’ and Bey claims to have always love H&M because their clothing is so “fun and affordable.”  Well, we all know that Beyonce does not shop at H&M, but whatever, I’m still excited to see her as the newest face of the brand.  And, another thing:  I’ve never been too crazy for H&M…..so we shall see what new things/ideas Beyonce brings to the table!




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Grammy Awards: Beyoncé Knowles in Osman



Celeb:  Beyoncé Knowles

Designer:  Osman (jumpsuit), Jimmy Choo (heels), Swarovski (clutch)

Event:  2013 Grammy Awards, Los Angeles

Verdict:  I am going to preface this by saying that Beyoncé is an outstanding woman!  She is absolutely gorgeous and has an amazing singing voice!  She is actually pretty perfect.  Which is why this black and white Osman jumpsuit disappointed me.  I mean, does she look pretty?  Yes, of course she does.  But this is THE GRAMMYS we are talking about here.  In my opinion, the Grammys are to the music industry what the Oscars are to the film industry.  The biggest and most important night.  A night when you really want to show off your fashion chops.  So, as I said, this jumpsuit is fine, but it is certainly nothing special.  (And black and white is usually one of my favorites on the red carpet!)  I had high hopes for Beyoncé, and she let me down.  I had hoped to see her in something ultra glamorous, chic and sexy.  Not a jumpsuit.  Oh well.  She still reigns supreme in my book!  Peep-toe Jimmy Choo’s, a sleek pony-tail and bright red lips completed her Grammy look.  I give this a C, because well, that’s what it is.  Average.

What do you think?  Do you like Beyoncé in this Osman jumpsuit?  Love it or loathe it?  Yay or nay?





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BET Awards: Beyonce in Stephane Rolland Couture

A pretty girl in a not-so-pretty dress….



Celeb:  Beyonce

Designer:    Stephane Rolland Couture (dress), Givenchy (sandals)

Event:  2012 BET Awards, Los Angeles

Verdict:  Well, let me start by saying this:  Beyonce is a beautiful girl.  There is no denying that.  But this Stephane Rolland Couture dress is not doing her any favors.  In fact, I think it looks rather, well, awful on her.  I don’t particularly care for the color (bright mustard?), and I feel like it makes her look lumpy through the middle.  And also, generally speaking, I have never been a huge fan of one-armed dresses.  They’re just not my cup of tea.  Lastly, the material.  This dress appears to be made of silk or something of the like, and that type of material is never good for anyone to wear unless you have zero fat on your body anywhere.  Otherwise, it shows every.single.little.flaw.  So, yeah.  Beyonce is gorgeous, but this is an unfortunate dress choice for her, IMO.  There are so many other gowns she could’ve (should’ve!) worn that would have definitely been much more flattering to her shapely figure.  Crazy, big hair and minimal makeup complete this look.  Am I being too harsh here?  No, I don’t think so.

What do you think?  Do you like this Stephane Rolland Couture dress on Beyonce?  Love it or loathe it?  Yay or nay?





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“Pulse” Fragrance Launch: Beyonce in Roberto Cavalli

Beyonce has a new fragrance!  *yawn* Nowadays all the celebs are coming out with fragrances!  Must be a big moneymaker!  Hmmm….maybe I should come out with a fragrance?!  I can see it now:

CandyBarbie: The Fragrance.  Smell like plastic and candy wrappers!


Okay, so that is probably a bad idea.  Anyway.  Moving along to the topic at hand:  Beyonce in Roberto Cavalli. 



Bey chose a super-short (!) sequined Cavalli tunic and paired it with a striped sequined Cavalli blazer.  And black peep-toe pumps with blue crystal ball drop earrings and a side-braid! 

I like this shiny Roberto Cavalli on Beyonce!  I think she looks really fun, considering she is at a fragrance launch.  Nothing too serious or too fancy.  She looks happy, like she is glowing (cliché, I know)! 

What do you think?  Pretty?  Or pretty hideous? 


Happy Thursday, peeps!



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Beyonce in Lanvin

Here is a first!  I actually like one of the gowns worn at the VMA’s!  Weird, I know. 

Here is Beyonce looking all glowy and fab in orange Lanvin: 


I pretty much think Beyonce looks amazing!  Her makeup looks soft and feminine and this orange, airy fabric is very chic and goes perfectly with her skin tone.  Great statement jewels, too!  Beyonce’s VMA grade: A

On a side note, I think my favorite part of the entire evening was after Beyonce performed her new single “Love on Top” and whipped off her sparkly pink Dolce & Gabanna tuxedo jacket and rubbed her belly!  When the camera panned over to Jay-Z…..WOW!  The look on Jay’s face was so incredibly sweet and sentimental!  He looked genuinely very happy!    Easily the most entertaining part of the VMA’s!  Loved it!


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