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The Emmys: Minka Kelly in Christian Dior

Minka Kelly was one of the few stars at the Emmys that I just couldn’t figure out.  I mean, in regards to her choice of gown, that is. 

Minka chose a dress from Christian Dior’s Pre-Fall 2011 Collection.  Lots of navy and lace, with a tiered skirt!  At first, I did not like this dress.  I didn’t like that she chose something with long sleeves.  But then it kinda grew on me.  I think it is pretty, in a retro-glam kinda way.  I mean, naturally I would’ve like to see Minka in something a bit more hip, something younger, something not so doily-like, but this is okay with me.  Obviously she is such a beautiful woman, she really looks gorgeous in everything she puts on! 

I am having a difficult time grading this Christian Dior on Minka.  I want to give her a C because I don’t love it, but I do feel it is better than average.  So….

Minka’s Christian Dior Emmy grade:  B

What do you think?  Love it?  Loathe it?


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