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‘Beautiful Creatures’ Screening: Emmy Rossum in Christian Dior

The Cinema Society And Dior Beauty Presents A Screening Of "Beautiful Creatures" - Arrivals


The Cinema Society And Dior Beauty Presents A Screening Of "Beautiful Creatures" - Arrivals


Celeb:  Emmy Rossum

Designer:  Christian Dior (dress), Charlotte Olympia (sandals), Ralph Lauren (clutch), House of Lavande (earrings)

Event:  ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Screening, New York City

Verdict:   I really like this royal blue Christian Dior dress on Emmy.  It is conservative, yet sexy and very chic.  And I adore her strappy Charlotte Olympia ‘Isadora’ sandals and House of Lavande earrings!  Great accessorizing by her stylist.  What I don’t like is the blue eyeliner and greasy looking hair.  Now, I realize that her hair needed to be somewhat pulled back to show off the earrings.  Buuuut, to me it looks a bit oily and disheveled.  Not good.  And I have NEVER been a fan of matching eye makeup to an outfit.  Emmy is absolutely adorable and I normally love most everything she wears, so I will let this slide.  Plus, as I said, the dress is quite lovely!  Because of her hair and makeup, though, I have to give this a B-.

What do you think?  Do you like Emmy in this blue Christian Dior dress with the criss-cross back?  Love it or loathe it?  Yay or nay?




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2012 Comic-Con ‘Shameless’ Panel: Emmy Rossum in Ralph Lauren

All suited up….



Celeb:  Emmy Rossum

Designer:  Ralph Lauren

Event:  ‘Shameless’ Panel @ 2012 Comic-Con, San Diego

Verdict:  Well, I have mixed feelings about this powder blue Ralph Lauren shorts ensemble.  I think it actually looks kinda cute on Emmy.  Kinda.  But I don’t like how she is styled.  The suit is cute, yeah, but the rest of what she has going on doesn’t mesh well, IMO.  I do not like that she has her hair all slicked back and I do not like her matchy-matchy light blue eyeshadow.  I think this look would have been improved immensely had she worn her hair down.  And if she would’ve lost the eyeshadow, obviously.  Overall, I think this look is average.  I like that she tried something different.  I mean, if you can’t live a little (with fashion) at Comic-Con, then really where can you?  Oh well.  This is not Emmy’s best look, but I am not discouraged.  She will bounce back.  Overall:  cute suit and sandals, bad everything else.

What do you think?  Do you like this Ralph Lauren ensemble on Emmy?  Love it or loathe it?  Yay or nay?




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Mad for plaid: Emmy Rossum in Smythe

Plaid is definitely one of those fashion statements that can be amazingly chic or go terribly wrong.  Emmy Rossum gets it absolutely right in this red and black plaid Smythe jacket!  I love it!

This casual look is adorable!   I love everything about it-as a daytime look-the grey sweater, the dark pants, the booties and of course the jacket!  It is very chic but also doesn’t look like she is trying too hard!  Emmy is such a doll, too!  She has a great smile to go right along with her cute plaid jacket!  Love her!  And I would totally wear this entire outfit! 

What do you think?  Do you like Emmy in this red plaid Smythe jacket? 




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Weekend fashion no-no’s!

Celebrities have access to all of the gorgeous couture that their little heart’s desire!  So why is it that they so frequently choose such hideous clothing?!  I just don’t get it! 

Here is Beyonce in Paris on Easter Sunday:

Okay, so Jay Z looks pretty standard in his jeans and sneakers.  But I expect more from Beyonce!  What an ugly dress!  To start, I hate the colors.  But polka dots?!  And check out the neck line!  It looks like the top of an Under Armour work-out shirt!  Blech!  I hate this whole look!

Minka Kelly in Los Angeles:

Minka is lovely and beautiful.  With that being said….I cannot stand her pants!  They look terrible on her!  They are so not-flattering to her lower half!  And I see so many women wearing these!  Why?!  They are U-G-L-Y!!

Emmy Rossum leaving STK Los Angeles:

I guess this outfit isn’t all that bad.   But again with the skinny jeans!  I think this ensemble would’ve looked better with boot-cut jeans!  Or even if she would’ve worn boots with the skinny jeans.  And to be totally honest I am not a fan of her blouse, either.  It looks like it is some sort of silk, and I don’t care for silk anything. 

This last picture is definitely NOT a fashion no-no! 

Miranda Kerr at a movie premiere:

I just wanted to include it because I think Miranda looks incredible!  She had a baby in January and she looks amazing!!  Come to think of it….many of the Victoria’s Secret models (or former models) have had children in the last couple of years and they too look amazing!

  • Gisele Bundchen
  • Alessandra Ambrosio
  • Adriana Lima
  • Karolina Kurkova
  • Doutzen Kroes

Google these women!  It’s true!  They were all back in bikini form like one month after giving birth!!  Crazy!  Good genes, I guess.


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Blake Lively is casual-cool

Here is actress Blake Lively, just hangin’ out, lookin’ good:

I guess she must be on a set of some sort, whether it’s a movie set or Gossip Girl, I’m not sure.  But who cares!  Blake looks so cute!  She looks like the definition of a “California Girl” with her sandals, swimsuit and wild blonde hair.  I really don’t even like what she is wearing, but she doesn’t look bad.  She actually makes this ensemble look cute and casual and cool! 

Here is a favorite of my husband’s:

Emmy Rossum

I like her, as well.  Just not in this picture.  I don’t like her dress, and I usually like it when actresses wear green.  You don’t see it a lot, and it is one of my favorite colors.  This isn’t a true-green though.  And I don’t like the purple part around her waist.  And I HATE her red lipstick!  Red lipstick doesn’t look good when worn with a green dress!  Not even at Christmastime!  For me, this is a bad look for Emmy.  I don’t like it.

Blake: yes!  Emmy: no!

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