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Fashion Advice 101

Good Morning, fashionistas!  I have been a bit absent on the blog as of late….life is pretty hectic right now.  While I haven’t been producing many posts, I most certainly have been brainstorming….thinking about a bunch of junk awesome stuff I want to write about!  Which brings me to this post.  Last weekend the husband and I took a trip to the city….San Francisco to be exact.  A city where fashion runs rampant!  You see the best of the best and the worst of the worst!  He and I both wanted to pick up a few Christmas gifts and just enjoy the city while is it all pretty and decorated for the season!  (Gahhh I LOVE Christmastime!)  Once we arrived in Union Square, we went our own separate ways.  I’m pretty sure while I headed to Macys, Ky-Ky ducked into Harry Winston to finish up that custom piece he is designing for me!  (Kidding….obviously.)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  Fashion.  Now, I will say I consider myself to be somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to the topic of fashion.  I love clothing.  I love shoes.  I love jewelry.  I love accessories.  I love it all.  Seriously.  And when I go out in public, I (for the most part) take pride in my appearance.  You will NEVER, EVER catch me “running to the store real quick” in my pajama pants.  OH HELL NO.  I appreciate the time it takes to pick out an outfit, and I appreciate a well-dressed person who cares about their appearance.  And honestly people, it doesn’t take much.  Just a little bit of effort, and voilà!  Fashionista!  (Or at the very least, appropriate for an afternoon of shopping in the city!)

Let me break it down.  A few little ‘fashion tips’ for ya!  Follow these very basic ‘rules’ and I promise, you will always be a fashion ‘DO’!  :)

Rule #1    Size Matters

I can not reiterate this enough.  You must never, under any circumstances, buy something that doesn’t fit.  It is so important to buy the proper size in all clothing!  “Oh, I am gonna buy this pair of pants that is 2 sizes too small because it will motivate me to lose the weight!”  WRONG.  You know what will happen?  You will either never wear the pants, or, you will wear the too-small pants and look much heavier than you really are.  Period.  And this rule works for buying shirts/tops too large, as well.  “I am going to buy this big, oversize blouse because it is really light and flowy and will definitely hide my tummy!”  WRONG.  It will look exactly like what you bought.  A big ‘ol blouse, that instead of hiding any unsightly rolls or bulges, will just make your top half look big all over.  As I said, size matters!  I honestly believe this is the most common mistake people make when buying clothes.  Whenever I go anywhere, I always find myself pointing people out to my husband: “See her?!  She is really pretty and that is a cute outfit, but her jeans are just too tight!  Had she worn the right size, she would look really great!”   True story.  P.S.  This rule applies to both women and men.

Rule #2    Mixing Seasons

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Don’t mix seasons when selecting an outfit!  Picture this:  It’s hot out.  It’s the middle of August.  And along comes Miss X wearing super-short shorts, a tank top, an oversize scarf, Uggs and sunglasses.  I hate absolutely loathe when I see girls do this.  And yes, I have seen this very thing.  You probably have, too.  C’mon people.  Don’t wear scarves and furry boots in the summertime!  It looks stupid, plain and simple.  And this goes the other way, too.  DO NOT try to wear a cute little summer-y dress in the dead of winter and pile on all of your cold-weather gear over it.  That is not cute (or appropriate) either.

Rule #3    Trends

This rule, I believe, is the most difficult for people to follow.  I myself have been guilty of breaking this rule.  Fashion trends are cool….you see celebs/athletes/models wearing stuff that looks great on them….and you want to look like that, too.  The perfect example of this rule?  Skinny jeans.  They look fantastic on a tall, super-slim frame.  That is just the cold, hard truth.  They aren’t for everyone.  However, everybody and their mother wears ‘em, and more-often-than-not they look like they deserve a black bar over their eyes for committing a crime against fashion.  Other examples of this rule include:

* boyfriend jeans

* high/low waisted jeans

* neon anything

*  red lipstick

* pixie-style haircuts

* structured blazers/jackets

*oversize shades/bags

These are all things that have grown to become quite popular the last year or two.  While they are right for some people, they aren’t right for everybody!  I know you may think wearing red lipstick everyday looks good because Taylor Swift does it, but take it from me: it does not.

Learn these rules.  Live by these rules.  You will be happier and look better!  I guarantee it.  ;)

Happy Saturday! 





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