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Colored Denim

I was flipping through the pages of my new US Weekly and came across this page:


A two-page spread on colored denim.  Immediately I though “Eww, gross!  Colored denim!”  Buuuuut, as I looked at some of the pictures, I have to admit, I found myself kinda liking a couple of the outfits on the girls in the photos!  Whaaaat?!  Weird, I know. 

Here is the one in particular that I thought was cute:


Malin Akerman


I think these cropped cobalt-colored jeans look super-cute on Malin Akerman!  Maybe it is simply because she is adorable and tiny, but I think her colored denim looks really good paired with heels, a chunky necklace and a black blazer.  I like it!

Next up on the colored denim cute list:

Stacy Keibler


Again, I find this outfit to be pretty darn cute!  I don’t love the idea of red-colored skinny jeans, but for whatever reason I think Stacy looks good!  I like how she paired her colored denim with a black tank, long necklace and heels.   I think she looks great! 

And here is one version that I don’t care for:

Anna Kendrick


Anna is following suit by wearing a black blazer and heels, but I just don’t like it.  I am usually a huge fan of the color green, but I just don’t care for these pants.  I can’t put my finger on exactly why….they seem a big more loose than the previous two pairs I showed and a bit longer, also.  Maybe Anna’s outfit would look better if her green jeans were shorter, more like a cropped pair of pants. 

I don’t think I am ready to head over to the mall and purchase any colored denim just yet, but you never know!!  Malin and Stacy were lookin’ pretty cute in theirs….


What do you think of colored denim?  Yay or nay?


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These pants hurt my eyes

Keri Hilson.  I don’t really even know who this girl is, but she was at the BET awards the other night.  Wearing what I can only assume are the most hideous pants ever made.  These are even worse than skinny jeans.  In fact, these make skinny jeans look cute.  Really cute.  Check it:


As you already know, I hate the pants.  But I don’t really like anything else about this outfit either.   The strapless top looks good on Keri because she is nice and petite, but I don’t care for the color purple when it comes to fashion.  I don’t like the necklace with the big green pendant, I don’t like her fuchsia lips and I certainly don’t like her gladiator-style cuff bracelets. 


Don’t get me wrong, I think Ms. Hilson is really quite cute.  But sometimes bad outfits happen to cute people.  Actually more than sometimes.  It happens all the time!

Other examples of good-looking, otherwise fashion forward people, in bad outfits:

Demi Lovato


What can I say about this?  I think it pretty much speaks for itself.  The whole outfit is bad.  I can’t just pick on one part of it.  I wouldn’t know where to begin.  In fact, I don’t which part of this outfit I hate the most.  Moving on….

Kourtney Kardashian


A denim jumpsuit?  Seriously?  I hate this outfit!  I was really quite sad when I saw this picture.  Kourtney, how could you?!  A denim jumpsuit is like meatloaf.  Simply hearing the words….denim jumpsuit….meatloaf….you know it’s gonna be bad!  Very bad. 

Jessica Simpson


The only thing Jessica got right with this outfit is the jeans.  Boot-cut jeans are perfect for Jessica’s body type.  Now…..the plaid shirt with the mini-jacket….not so cute.  And what is up with that ginormous LV bag?  Is it a purse or is it luggage?   Whichever it is, even if it is LV, the big flowers all over it make it ugly!  It would look so much better without ‘em! 

So, going back to the first topic of discussion on this post.  Keri Hilson and her pants.  What do you think about Keri’s pants?  Yay or nay?

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Hils ditched the skinnies!

Hilary Duff has finally decided to NOT wear skinny jeans!  Even if it is only for a single day it makes me very happy!



I love that Hilary is wearing a casual, comfortable looking outfit….sans the skinnies!  As you already know, I loathe skinny jeans.  And Hilary wears them, like, every.single.day.  This particular pair of jean has a slight flare to the leg, and it really looks good on Hilary.  Her light, flowy top completes the outfit.  She looks really cute!  Nice outfit, cute accessories, and while the purse is a bit large, I even think it compliments the outfit!  Way to go, Hils!

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Rate this outfit!

On a scale of one to five, with one being the worst and five being the best, rate this outfit!

Jessica Simpson

I give this outfit a two and a half (2.5) and here is why: her purse is way too ginormous and the skinny jeans look terrible on her.  She does get credit for the cropped navy blue jacket, it is cute.  And I like the navy blue suede booties.  But the skinny jeans got to go!  This outfit would look ten times better if she were wearing boot-cut jeans.  Or just plain straight-leg.  Anything but the skinny.  Jessica, in my opinion, already looks too top-heavy, with the big sunglasses, big earrings, long hair and jacket.  Her bottom half needs to be evened out.  A different style/cut of jeans would improve this outfit enormously.  Just sayin’. 

What do you think?  Come on, rate this outfit!


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