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‘Safe Haven’ Premiere: Josh Duhamel in Ralph Lauren


Celeb:  Josh Duhamel

Designer:  Ralph Lauren

Event:  ‘Safe Haven’ Premiere, Los Angeles

Verdict:  Okay.  Let me just say this: I know most women think Josh is a total babe.  And I definitely don’t think there is anything wrong with him, but I have just never gotten all goo-goo-ga-ga over him.  I think it might be because of my distaste for Fergie, I don’t know.  But whatever.  Clearly Josh is a good-looking guy.  And I do love a man in a suit.  Especially a perfectly tailored suit.   And I really like this blue Ralph Lauren suit complete with matching blue lace-up shoes.  A pale gray shirt and burgundy tie provide the perfect finishing touches.  The only problem I have with this look: the length of the pants.  I think they could stand to be a teeny, tiny bit shorter.  But other than that miniscule detail, Josh looks great.  Quite dapper, really.

What do you think?  Do you like Josh in this blue Ralph Lauren two-button notched-lapel suit?  Love it or loathe it?  Yay or nay?



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Fergie is Fergalicious!

I am not Stacy Ferguson’s number one fan.  By any means.  I have, at times, described her as a woman with a bad case of ‘man-face.’  With that being said, I actually thinks she looks rather Fergalicious in this yellow dress!  And when I say Fergalicious, I mean sorta pretty.  For her. 

I think part of my general distaste towards Fergie is usually due to her fashion choices.  I don’t like a lot of what she wears.  She frequently wears skinny jeans, which I loathe, and generally speaking, she just wears a lot of “loud” stuff.  Lots of busy prints and patterns and some hideous colors, too.  So when I saw her in this simple, flowy yellow gown, I was pretty impressed.  She looks classy and lady-like, not flashy and lady-lumps-like.  Know what I’m sayin’?


I also really like that she is wearing minimal jewelry (just a couple of bracelets) and I love the turquoise clutch!  It is a perfectly paired accent piece to her yellow gown!   Right about now Fergie is my favorite Black Eyed Pea!!   I’m sure it won’t last, though, but here’s to hoping!!!   ;)

Have a fantastic Friday, friends!!! 


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Just chop off her head…..

Here is Fergie and her hot little body all decked out in spandex:

From the neck down: perfection.  From the neck up: bad case of man-face.  Solution?  Chop off her head!!   Obviously I am only joking!  I don’t think Fergie has a cute face, but the girl has a kick-ass body!

And posing with Paris and Nicky Hilton:

I wonder if they actually all like each other?  Hmmmm……

Anyway, Ky-Ky and I are off to have dinner with friends!  Applebees here we come!

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Big Plans

Good Morning!  It is Monday…..which means tomorrow is Tuesday…..which means today is my Thursday and tomorrow is my Friday!  Woo hoo!  And I cannot wait!  Yay for tomorrow being my Friday! 

Tonight after work Kyle and I have big plans!  We are headed to a little event known as the Testicle Festival!!

Admission for two!

It is the 30th Annual Testicle Festival!!  Apparently it is pretty popular, since it has been around for 30 years!  I am not really sure what to expect…..I will fill you in tonight when I get home.  I know there is an auction and dinner and the tickets were a pricey fifty dollars each.  The tickets were given to me a couple of months ago and I agreed to go, so I feel like I cannot back out now, even though I am not crazy about the idea of attending a Testicle Festival.  We shall see…..

Here are a couple pictures of Fergie celebrating her birthday at The Bank nightclub in Las Vegas this weekend:

Okay, okay.  So I do have to admit that Fergie doesn’t look that bad in these photos.  Her man-face is pretty well hidden, and her outfit is cute, for her.  I actually like the color combination of her dress and shoes, I just don’t like the fringe-y stuff hangin’ off.  I usually think she looks hideous, so this is a nice change.  Happy Belated Birthday Fergie!

And now I must sign off!  Work is calling my name!  See you all tonight after the Testicle Festival!  Wish me luck!


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