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I really wanted to keep it positive….

But how can I stay positive when I have to see an outfit like this:

Oh.My.Word.  Katherine Heigl is a cowgirl.  A cowgirl wearing a hideous outfit.  I can’t decide what I hate more….the poufy sleeves, the ginormous belt buckle or the fringe-y skirt?!  The purse and boots are pretty bad as well, just not as bad as the aforementioned items. 

Seriously, I cannot stand Katherine. 

There is nothing more I can say.  I just wish she wouldn’t have worn that.   It makes me sad to see such an atrocious outfit.  You know what makes me happy, though?  This:

Brightly colored candy!  And these make me happy, too:

Gorgeous cookies!  Aren’t they pretty?! 

Now I am in the mood to bake something!!!  Any suggestions?

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Could you be more hideous?

I just can’t help myself…..I do not like Katherine Heigl.  And here she is, lookin’ extra hideous:

I actually think I might hate her.  I hate her hair, I hate the outfit she is wearing and I hate her bad attitude.  Obviously I don’t know her, but she always seems to have a bad attitude.  I don’t know why.  I can just sense it.  Some more photos of Katherine recently, lookin’ the same kind of hideous:

katherine heigl little doms date mom 01

katherine heigl little doms lunch 02

Does anyone else agree with me??  Doesn’t Katherine seem like a sourpuss?  What do you guys think? 

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