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‘On The Road’ Premiere: Kristen Stewart in Erdem

Oh boy….



Celeb:  Kristen Stewart

Designer:  Erdem (dress), Christian Louboutin (shoes)

Event:  ‘On The Road’ Premiere, New York City

Verdict:  Ugh.  This is not good.  At all.  Such a shame, too, because Kristen has a super-cute little figure and looks good in most anything.  I don’t like anything about this.  The dress is cut too short and she is too pale for this light blue color.

Check it out on the runway:



See?  The dress looks a million times better a bit longer.  And I think I prefer the shoes the model is wearing, too.  Although I do love Christian Louboutin, I am just not feeling the neon pair that Kristen (well, her stylist) paired with this Erdem dress.

This is definitely a fashion nightmare.  It looks good on the runway, but not so good when altered for a real-life red-carpet event.

What do you think?  Do you like this see-through Erdem dress on Kristen?  Love it or loathe it?  Yay or nay?





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Cannes Film Festival: Kristen Stewart in Reem Acra

A very pretty lady in red….

Celeb:  Kristen Stewart

Designer:  Reem Acra

Event:  ‘Cosmopolis’ Premiere @ the 2012 Cannes Film Festival

Verdict:  This is a great dress, and I really like the color.  It is super sexy without revealing too much.  I think Kristen looks great, although I wish she wasn’t scowling.  She would look one hundred times better if she had a smile on her face!  But still, this red Reem Acra gown looks lovely on her.  I would kinda like to see her feet, just to make sure that she isn’t wearing sneakers under this beautiful gown.  Oh well.  Fingers crossed that she’s got Jimmy Choo’s under there!   Red lips and a sweeping up-do complete this red-hot look!

What do you think?  Do you like Kristen in this red Reem Acra gown?  Love it or loathe it?  Yay or nay?


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Kids’ Choice Awards: Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney

Wow!  Hello sexy blue lace!

Celeb:  Kristen Stewart

Designer:  Stella McCartney

Event:  2012 Kids’ Choice Awards, Los Angeles

Verdict:  I actually really like this!  I LOVE  the vibrant blue color and the lace is so pretty and flirty!  And although I feel like the blue pumps are a bit matchy-matchy, I still like ‘em!  I am glad that she didn’t opt for plain nude pumps like so many women do when wearing a bright color.  Pretty makeup and a ponytail complete this gorgeous look!  I definitely give Kristen an A+ !!

What do you think?  Do you like Kristen in this lacy blue Stella McCartney mini-dress?  Love it or leave it?  Yay or nay?


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Who wore it better?

Vivica, Ashley, Bridget

Here is Vivica Fox, Ashley Tisdale and Bridget Marquardt all wearing similar versions of the same dress.  Who do you think it looks best on?  My vote goes to Bridget because 1. I think she looks great 2. the dress looks too small and tight on Vivica and 3. I don’t like the length of Ashley’s dress.  Bridget wins!!

Kristen & Anna

Oh no!  Two Twilight ladies!  Here is Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick in the same wierd-print strapless dress.  Who do you think wore it better?  This is a hard one for me because I think they both look bad.  The dress is ugly all on its own, so there is really nothing either girl could’ve done to make it any better.  If I have to pick one of the two of them, though, I guess I would pick Kristen.  Don’t really know why.  She is slightly cuter than Anna, in my opinion. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Olivia Palmero

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Olivia Palmero.  For me, this one is easy.  I think Olivia Palmero looks much better in this purple dress with the see-through sleeves.  I love her shoes, belt and clutch!  JLH looks cute, too, just not as put-together as Olivia. 

Nicky Hilton and Katy Perry

Here we have Nicky Hilton and Katy Perry wearing a weird peacock looking dress.  I like it, though.  It is not so weird that it has moved into the hideous zone, just weird enough to be different, but still cute.  And I think Nicky looks better.  I like her bag and shoes, and I DO NOT like Katy’s tights.  She doesn’t need ‘em.  This dress is super busy, so I think the tights and shiny shoes and sparkly lip clutch are too much. 

Blake Lively and Ashley Greene

This is a major tough-y!  Blake Lively and Ashley Greene both look super hot in this dress.  I guess I like the overall idea of wearing a sexy but classy LBD (little black dress) more than wearing a white one, but I am going to have to go with Ashley on this one.  I think the white with a little peep of black looks super sexy, in a good way.  And I love her hair and makeup.  Overall, she just looks better.  Blake looks pretty sweet, too, don’t get me wrong!  But Ashley gets my vote!

What do you think?  Of all the photos, who do you think wore it better? 

Happy Friday, everyone!

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