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What’s wrong with Lindsay Lohan?

Everyone has seen the photos of Lindsay Lohan that popped up recently….where her teeth look yellow and gross and her hands are all stained.  But because I am such a little sweetheart, I am going to post ’em for your viewing pleasure!  (you’re welcome!) 

Enter: LiLo and her rotten chompers and filthy hands!





When I first saw these pictures, I didn’t really think anything.  I mean, I did think they were gross, but it’s hard to be shocked by anything Lindsay Lohan does nowadays.   She is a mess.  But still, these pictures are weird.  Really weird.

I searched the internet (reliable, I know) and found many different opinions.  Here is what the people are saying in regards to the terrible state in which Lindsay’s teeth appear:

  1. Drug use
  2. Cigarette smoking
  3. Coffee drinking
  4. Alcohol abuse
  5. Lack of dental hygiene
  6. All of the above


As for her hands, it looks like they are stained with nail polish!  Like, why?!  Why would she do a red-carpet appearance with nail polish stains all over her hands?!  I dont’ get it.  I mean, when I do my own nails I sometimes get polish on the skin around my nails.  A little bit.  But never all over my palms like that.  And all you have to do is wash your hands once or twice and it washes off.  Which leads me to believe Lindsay was doing her own nails, like, minutes before she set foot on the red carpet?!  Which still doesn’t explain why it got all over her palms.  Weird. 

Now, I don’t know what is going on with Lindsay, but I am staring to think she needs to spend some time in jail.  If she was locked up at least she couldn’t do any more harm to herself!  She would be safe and out of trouble.  And out of the spotlight for a little while, which would also do her some good.   Clearly this girl has problems.  I think it is sad that there is no one in her life that will step in and take charge.  Kinda how Britney Spears’ dad stepped in and took control…of everything.  He took over her finances, and cleared out the negative people in her life.  And now she is doing great. 

I am not saying that Lindsay Lohan is like Britney Spears.  I am just saying that she appears to be on a downward spiral.  And she has potential!  She is attractive and does seem to have some talent…buried in there somewhere.  It is just such a shame that she is throwing it all away!  And her parents are doing NOTHING to help her….I think they are just using her to get a little bit of limelight for themselves. 

Anyway, I hope things start to look up for Lindsay.  Don’t want her to turn out like Amy Winehouse. 






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