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Elton John Academy Awards Party: Marisa Miller in Johanna Johnson

Ahhh.  Classic Beauty.  My little Marisa…..



Celeb:  Marisa Miller

Designer:  Johanna Johnson

Event:  20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party, Los Angeles

Verdict:  Marisa is so lovely!  This shiny, shimmery Johanna Johnson gown looks outstanding on her!  I really like it!  She looks glamorous and classy and her body looks amazing!  She and her husband (music producer Griffin Guess) make a really handsome couple!   And not only do I like Marisa’s gown, I really like her hair!  It gives the overall look a fun, flirty feel!  Marisa is crazy hot…and as always she looks perfect in this golden gown!  I love it!

What do you think?  Do you like Marisa in this Johanna Johnson gown?  Love it or leave it?  Yay or nay?



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49ers Win….In More Ways Than One!

Ken here with a quick little post about what I did all day today while CandyBarbie went to work.

Well, pretty much….I did nothing.  I never left the house.  I waited until 5pm to take a shower.  And I watched football and 9/11 memorials all day.

But the one thing I did do a little bit of is tweet.  And by tweet, I mean that I tweeted Happy Birthday to @Rhianmarie (cause that’s my girl from across the pond) and then retweeted about 10 of Marisa Miller’s tweets in regards to her fandom of the SF 49ers and the SF Giants and their wins today. 

And let me tell you ladies reading this something….women who like sports are sexy.  I didn’t say women who  play sports (although some of those are sexy too),  but I said women who LIKE them.  You can be girly, be a fashionista, and still enjoy a ball game with your man.  In fact, some of the cutest and sexiest girls I’ve seen in my time on this earth were ones wearing things like ball caps, jerseys, and tall tube socks with stripes.

Marisa Miller for the NFL


Leather ball + Leather pants = WOW

I don't think anything else needs to be said!

So there you have it!  Supermodels like football.  My favorite one in fact.  And because supermodels are the prettiest, that makes them the best.  And why wouldn’t you listen to the best?

Fortunately for me, I also roll with a hot chick that likes football.

CandyBarbie and @Kaepernick7

There you have it.  My contribution for the day.  Hope you all enjoy it.


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The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the United States oldest Thoroughbred horse races.  It is an annual race held on the first Saturday in May in Louisville, Kentucky.  The race has been known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” or “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” because of its duration and the winner gets covered in a blanket of roses! 

The Kentucky Derby is also a fairly large draw for celebrities.  They come from all over the world to attend the Derby in lovely dresses and ginormous (yet gorgeous!) hats!  Some of my favorite celebrities at The Kentucky Derby this year include:

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo:

I really, really love her pink dress and shoes and I love that Nick is looking dapper while color coordinated to match her!  They are such a cute couple!  (This was actually a pre-Derby event.  Vanessa work black at the actual Derby!)

Maria Menounos:

Pretty dress and pretty hat!  Maria looks really lovely! (Again, this was pre-Derby!  Maria got a bit more dressed up for the Derby itself!)

Kim Kardashian:

One word: gorgeous!  The hat, the dress, the gloves….she looks amazing!

Erin Andrews:

I love Erin’s black and white look!  And I love the fact that she went a bit different from all of the other ladies by wearing pants!  Her strapless top and flowy white pants look amazing on her!  Love!

Marisa Miller:

Marisa went with a smaller hat….but I like it!  She looks very retro to me, and it looks good on her!   Kinda Great Gatsby-ish, right?!

Paula Patton:

Great shoes and a great hat!  I am just so-so about the dress, but her overall look is pretty cute!  She looks like a lady!

And of course, there were several looks that I hated!  Sorry, gotta point ‘em out!

Kate Gosselin:

Miranda Lambert:

Jennifer Tilly:

There really isn’t a lot to say about the above three photos.  I don’t like any of their Derby outfits!  They should be ashamed of themselves! 

Who do you think was best/worst dressed at The Kentucky Derby?

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Marisa Miller is super hot!

I like Marisa Miller!  She is so pretty!  And check her out in this semi-see-through dress:

Normally I am not a fan of anything that is see-through, but I think Marisa looks super hot!  She is totally rockin’ this dress like no other!  When I hear ‘see-through’ anything, classy is the last thing that comes to mind.  But considering this dress is kinda see-through, I still think Marisa looks classy!  She has the best figure: long and lean and toned.  Love her!

Wow!  Lookin’ good!  Real good!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Catch ya on the flip side!  :)


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Marisa Miller needs her head examined!

I stumbled across this picture while stalking searching Marisa on Google. 

Marisa Miller and her husband!

  This dude is hideous!  I had hoped that maybe this was a photo of Marisa and her brother, but figured there was a little too much hand-holding and cleavage going on to be a brother and sister.  So I did a little investigating and found out that this guy with the nasty mini-beard is actually Marisa’s husband, Griffin Guess.  I don’t know what his story is, but I am much too lazy to Wikipedia him to find out.  I just know that Marisa is way too hot for him.  She needs to be with someone else.  Someone who wouldn’t wear a zip-up hoodie and Vans.  Oh, and I like her better with straight hair.

Marisa Miller

What do you guys think?  Better with straight hair or curly hair?

Marisa with wavy-curls

Marisa with curls

Marisa with straight hair

I don’t know, though.  I may have to retract my previous statement of liking her better with straight hair.  I really like this look on Marisa:

Marisa with soft waves

I think Marisa looks amazing in this picture!  Her hair looks soft and shiny, but still has volume.  And her makeup!  Fantastic!  I love her dramatic eyelashes and pale, nude lips!  I think I may be in love…….


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