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Selena Gomez in Toronto

Several days before the VMA’s, which were held in Los Angeles, Selena Gomez was in Toronto at the MuchMusic headquarters.


What a doll!  I absolutely adore this outfit!  The horse print shirt, the pin-stripe shorts and the suede booties look great together.  It is casual and super-cute and perfect for the occasion!  This is something I myself would wear!  Obviously I won’t be going to the MuchMusic headquarters in Toronto anytime soon, but still.  I would definitely wear this outfit.  Totally fab! 

But the very-best part about this photo?  No Justin Bieber!  ;)


Happy Wednesday, friends!

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Demi Lovato in Mandalay

Demi Lovato hit up the VMA’s in a short, sparkly dress by Mandalay!



 Now, I don’t LOVE this dress on Demi, but I certainly don’t HATE it, either.  I sorta think she has a bit too much cleavage hanging out, but at least she looks youthful and fun!  I think her shoe selection for this dress was a bit blah.  A snazzier heel would have looked better, IMO.  But overall, I think Demi looks cute.  And it is quite a shame that she was blasted on Twitter all night, being called fat.  Clearly she is not fat.  People are jealous haters, period.  She has been through quite a lot this past year, and it makes me sad to think people are still trying to tear her down.  Demi, don’t listen to all the nay-sayers!  You look good, girl!

Demi’s VMA grade: B

What grade would you give Demi’s VMA look?


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Snooki: Her VMA style

Jersey Shore queen bee Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi brought a bit of Jersey with her to the MTV VMA’s!  And I can’t decide if I love it or hate it:


For a Snooki outfit, I think I kinda like it!  (Don’t judge me!)  Let me reiterate that:  I like it for Snooki!  On anyone else I would probably hate it, but for her, this is probably one of her better looks.  Obviously the dress is quite gaudy and she has way too much cleavage, but it suits her.  And I like her gold closed-toe platform pumps.  I think they’re cute.   The one thing I really hate?!   Her nails! 


Saturday morning Snooki posted this photo of her nails on Twitter accompanied with this phrase:  #vma swag. 

 Hmmm, giant square nails just aren’t my thang!  But, back to her VMA dress selection.  Snooki is exempt from a VMA grade, due to the fact that she just doesn’t fit in with normal fashion trends.  I don’t think it is in her genes to wear anything feminine, pretty or stylish.  She is from Jersey, baby!  It is all about being loud (and proud!) with bold nails and out-there clothes!

How would you grade Snooki’s VMA cleavage baring mini-dress?


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Britney Spears + Moschino romper = Love

Britney Spears wore a black, sort of zig-zag patterned Moschino romper with opened-toed black patent leather boots Sunday night to the VMA’s.  And she looked DEAD ON GORGEOUS! 


So sexy!  And again, perfect outfit selection for the MTV VMA’s!  Not necessary to try to get too fancy!  This outfit is fun and it is definitely flattering on Britney!  And she looks happy, finally!   The only thing I didn’t like?  Britney’s acceptance speech!  She was awarded the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award, which is basically the VMA’s lifetime achievement award.  So as she is accepting her award from the awkwardly dressed in drag Gaga, she reads her speech from a teleprompter!  Here is what Brit had to say (or read, rather):


“This award means so much to me, especially on the night before Michael Jackson’s birthday. He had such a huge influence on me, Gaga, and our next performer, Beyonce. Beyonce and I started out around the same time, and just like all of her fans, I fell in love with her. The first time I saw her from her singing to dancing to acting, she can do it all, she’s a triple threat, and one of the most talented people I have ever seen.”


It’s like, HELLO!  This is not about Beyonce!  This is not a tribute to Beyonce!  Okay, okay, Beyonce is fab, but this is about Britney and her lifetime achievement as a pop superstar!   Doi!  Needless to say, I was less-than-impressed by Britney’s teleprompter-driven speech.  Oh wells.  It is all over now.  At least she looked good, right?!  Britney’s VMA grade (based only on her Moschino romper): A


How would you grade Britney in her black romper and open-toed platform boots?





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Zoe Saldana in Barbara Bui

Columbiana actress Zoe Saldana is hot!  And she didn’t disappoint at the VMA’s on Sunday night….

I love this Barbara Bui dress!  The metallic top and leather cap sleeves really make for a hot’n'spicy LBD!  It looks fantastic on Zoe!  It has just the right amount of edginess to it!  And her heels?  Love ‘em!


Snake-skin, ankle strap platforms were just right paired with this dress!  Obviously this look wouldn’t be appropriate for an event like The Grammys.  But for MTV?  It is perfect.  This could be my favorite look from the entire evening! Zoe’s VMA grade: A

How would you grade Zoe in her Barbara Bui LBD?  Love it?  Hate it?

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