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Hot Collaboration: Neiman Marcus & Target

Something awesome and amazing has happened.  Two of my most favorite places have come together and produced a line of truly great products.  Neiman Marcus and Target.  Yes, it’s true.  The two came together, and along with some big name designers, introduced a line of clothing/accessories/home decor that launched Saturday December 1st both at Target and Neiman Marcus stores nationwide.

Naturally I had to get a piece of this fantastic pie!  And it came in the form of these adorable beanies:


These cuties were created by Band of Outsiders and retail for $29.99 for the set.  And let me just say, I wore these to a football game recently, and got tons of compliments!  I mean, people were stopping me to ask where I got ‘em!

me and colin

My husband and I wore the beanies all day, but he didn’t like the way any of our photographs together came out, so I asked my brother-in-law (who happens to be San Francisco 49ers starting QB Colin Kaepernick) to be my best friend for a second, and he reluctantly obliged.  Aren’t we cute?  :)  Even big, strong football players need a best friend.  *wink wink*

Some other fun stuff from the Neiman Marcus for Target line:

thom browne blazer

Thom Browne blazer $149.99


Tory Burch drink bottle & lunchbox $19.99 each

alice and olivia luggage

Alice & Olivia luggage $179.99

marc jacobs

Marc Jacobs zipper clutch $69.99

tracy reese

Tracy Reese dessert plates $39.99 (set of 4)

robert rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez dress $99.99

Those are just a few of the many great things this Neiman Marcus/Target Collaboration has produced!  For a full list of products visit Neiman Marcus and/or Target stores, or of course check ‘em out online at NeimanMarcus.com and/or Target.com.  Happy Shopping!



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Clog lovin’: Dior Temptation Leather & Suede

Well it is official:  I am crazy for clogs!  This particular pair, anyway:

Dior 'Temptation' Clogs

I am not really sure if these can be 100 % classified as ‘clogs’ but Saks Fifth Avenue listed them as such, so that is what they must be!  Clogs!  And aren’t they fabulous?!

The Dior ‘Temptation’ Slingback Clog is made in Italy of suede and lambskin and features a 5 1/2″ heel (with 1 3/4″ platform) and has an adjustable buckle.  This beautiful shoe will set you back about $860 dollars, buuuuut Neiman Marcus has ‘em on sale for the bargain price of $387 !!!!   That is a great deal!  And if I had an endless supply of cash shooting out of my pocketbook, these lovely shoes would’ve been in my closet, like, yesterday!  For now, though, I will have to admire them from afar!

Happy Thursday!




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The dress & Jimmy Choo

So, as you all know I spent the entire day in San Francisco on Saturday.  A very fun, yet very exhausting trip.  I walked away happy, though, because I found my birthday dress.  I purchased it at Betsey Johnson, the same place where I found the original dress, but I love this one even more!  Here it is:

BJ Golden Wings Strapless Dress


This photo does not really do it justice.  IRL the dress is gorgeous!  I just adore it!  And, what makes this an even better purchase….I got a great deal on it!  It was originally priced at $428, but had been marked down twice, and we got an additional 30% off on top of that!  All said and done the dress ended up costing around $130.  Not too shabby! 

Onto the next dilemma.  The shoes.  After walking out of Betsey Johnson, I knew I wanted needed a new pair of shoes!  The dress is ivory and gold in color, and I literally do not own a single pair of gold shoes.  I have one pair of nude heels, but they wouldn’t be appropriate with a party dress.  So, we popped into Neiman Marcus to check out their shoe selection.  I was immediately drawn to these babies:

Jimmy Choo double banded bootie


We pulled out my dress and the shoes matched perfectly!  I’ve never owned a pair of Jimmy Choo’s-and actually I’ve never even tried a pair on before.  I’ve never really seen a pair that I liked that much.  Until now.  Unfortunately they didn’t have my size, so I had to try on the same style of shoe but in a different color.  Once I put the shoe on, I still liked it, but it was hard to picture it with the dress because I was trying on the black pair.  I didn’t feel great about the shoe, and with a hefty price tag of $950, I came to my senses and walked away shoe-less.  Onto the next store. 

Next up was Saks Fifth Avenue.  They had what seemed like a much larger selection of shoes.  Oddly enough, I gravitated toward the Jimmy Choo’s again.  This time there were many more styles and options.  I found another pair I really liked-even more than the first pair-and tried ‘em on!

Jimmy Choo vamp glitter-covered sandal


These shoes were unbelievably gorgeous in person!  I immediately like them!  The only problem?  Well, the first of two problems, really.  My little toe stuck out of the side!  The straps crisscrossed just right so that my baby toe poked out!  And it drove me nuts!  The other problem was again the hefty price tag.  At $750 they were significantly cheaper than the first pair, but still out of my price range.  Oh wells.  The Jimmy Choo’s were meant for someone else I guess.  This time, anyway.  ;) 


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CandyKen Guest Post Part 1

Good morning guys and dolls.  After a huge day of shopping in San Francisco yesterday, CandyBarbie is too tired to post.  We were driving to the city by 8am and didn’t get home until just after 10pm.  Our itinerary included:  drive an hour towards the city then stop at BART in Dublin, ride the train to Westfield Mall, go look at Barbies, go look at dresses and shoes for the big party coming up in August, look for a shirt for me,  meet up with some NFL players for lunch and then watch them try to outspend us, look at more shoes, make the football players try on all manners of clothing and jewelry items, look at more shoes, get back on the train and drive home.

Even though we left at 8am, it took us an hour to get to the BART station in Dublin.  For those of you reading who are wondering what exactly BART is, it stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit and it is a sort of train that runs all over the Bay Area.  We typically drive to the closest one on the way to San Francisco (in our case it’s the Dublin/Pleasanton station).  It costs CandyBarbie and I $12 each and in return we avoid $5 in tolls at the bridge, the cost of gas to go the extra 30 miles there and back, and most of all the parking fees in the city which can be more than $20 easily.  And on top of all that, it’s environmentally friendly.

By the time we actually got into San Francisco, it was nearly 11am.  Our first stop was Starbucks, on the way to our second stop which was Jeffrey’s toys on Market.

The two best prospects for potential Barbie buys were:  Angel and Scotland Barbie.

Angel Barbie

I was pretty sure we could get them still at BarbieCollector.com and we didn’t really want to have to carry them around all day and worry about dinging the box corners and such so we decided to pass on the Barbie purchase for the day.

The next stop was on the way back to Union Square at Betsey Johnson.

Now you are probably all aware of CandyBarbie’s impending birthday extravaganza and her recent post titled “The Dress”.  This was a Betsey Johnson dress called Snow Queen which we saw in San Jose a few weeks back.  At the time it was $470 and I helped her decide to pass on it.  So this time we decided to go to the store in San Francisco with the knowledge of a 30% off sale on all dresses happening in the store.  Unfortunately, they did not have the Snow Queen dress in her size.  But fortunately, CandyBarbie found a dress that she fell in love with even more than the last dress.  And here’s the real beauty of this story for me:  my lovely wife was able to follow her golden rule of shopping.  The rule is:  If you wouldn’t buy it at full price, don’t buy it.  Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you should spend money on something that you don’t really want that badly.

When CandyBarbie tried this on, she hadn’t looked at the price tag.  Once she had decided she was in love with this new dress and had declared it better than the last dress, we turned to the price tag.  Whooo Hooo!  This dress started at a similar price to the last one.  Fortunately, it had been marked down dramatically…BEFORE the 30% off which still applied.  I was so pleased, I let her buy an extra present before we left.  She got herself a little jeweled snake ring which she put on and wore around for the rest of our day.

Next up was a trip to Neiman Marcus to look at shoes to go with her new dress.  After spending plenty of time looking at shoes, she was able to find one pair of Jimmy Choo’s that she liked and that also matched up pretty well with the dress.  Not being 100% sold on the shoes, we decided to wait and went down stairs to the men’s department.  I was able to locate myself a very nice lavender Prada shirt, and was even more fortunate to get the blessing from CandyBarbie to go ahead and make the purchase, even if the shirt was a bit expensive.

After getting myself taken care of for the day, we headed up to Saks 5th Avenue to take a look at more shoes.  CandyBarbie was able to find a different pair of shoes (Jimmy Choo’s again, which was interesting to me because she doesn’t usually gravitate towards Choo’s) and while trying this pair on our group of two became four as my brother and his friend/teammate Bruce came walking in.  It was funny to see two big guys walk down the stairs into the shoe salon at Saks.

After deciding to think about it again on the shoes, the four of us headed down to the Cheese Cake Factory for some much-needed lunch.

Colin and Bruce
Colin had chicken strips (wow, big surprise), Bruce had chicken marsala, CandyBarbie had a Santa Fe chicken salad (which was the lunch size and was gigantic and also was not a surprise) and I had the jambalaya.  We finished it off with a slice of peanut butter cheesecake for Bo, a slice of strawberry for Bruce, and a slice of apple streusel for CandyBarbie and I to share (mostly for me though).
That’s it for part 1.
Come back later for part 2 as we go crazy at Niketown, then go crazier at Cartier, and eventually find our way back to the Valley just in time to pass out on the couch.


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