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Homework Assignment

I have a homework assignment for you all: 

Carmen Electra wore this dress to a party at Nikki Beach in Las Vegas a week ago….and I CANNOT for the life of me find out who the designer is!!!  I have scoured the internet….with no luck.  So I am turning to you, CandyBarbie readers.  Help a sister out!!  Can anyone out there tell me who designed this pink and black polka dot dress that Carmen is wearing in the above photo?!?    I would very much appreciate it!!

Thanks and Happy Sunday!




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Carmen Electra: Pink Hotness

Carmen Electra was spotted in Las Vegas….lookin’ real good….



Carmen Electra looks so good!  I love this reddish-pink dress on her!  The polka dots are totally cute and really girly, which I like!  And her shoes are so freaking adorable!  Sparkly black bows?   Um, yes please!  I want a pair!  Carmen is really pretty, and I like the fact that she isn’t wear a ton of makeup-so you can really see her natural good looks!  And who doesn’t loooove a bright pink mani/pedi?   Pink is one of my most favorite colors, and I am really loving this look on Carmen.  She looks great!


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AFAN’s Black and White Party at the Cosmopolitan

This is Darth aka Ken aka Ky-Ky taking a minute of time to talk about a good cause that recently went down in Las Vegas this past weekend.  Before I get started on that, it should be noted that CandyBarbie and I have made a lot of friends in Nevada and frequently travel there ever since my little brother, Colin, played 4 years of football for the University of Nevada.  Many of the people we’ve gotten to know through those games are residents of Reno and Las Vegas.

The 25th annual AFAN (Aid For Aid’s in Nevada) Black and White Party took place Saturday night at the Cosmopolitan’s (our favorite new hotel) Boulevard Pool.  We saw lots of tweets throughout the night from various celebrities that were in attendance, including a few funny pics, and thought what a fun time and great way to raise money for people living with HIV/Aids in Nevada.  You can read all about AFAN here: http://www.afanlv.org/

The crowd at the Black and White party ranged from politicians and celebrities to everyday citizens looking to support the cause.

Here are some of the notables who were in attendance to support a good cause:

Miss Nevada 2011 Sarah Chapman

Penny Pibbets, Angel Porrino, and Melody Sweets of Absinthe (via AP's twitter)

Penn and Teller

Laura Croft (via LC's twitter)

Also in attendance were Nevada Congresswoman Dina Titus, actor Patrick Duffy, and other news and television personalities.  It was announced at the beginning of the evening that the party had raised over $6o,000 in just pre sale tickets and donations alone.  What a great night and event for a good cause!

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Fake Human

Heidi Montag Pratt whatever-her-name-is looks like a wax statue.  She doesn’t even look like a real person!  She is too tan and has had too much plastic surgery, IMO.   In a way I feel bad for her.  And I don’t really understand why she got so much surgery.  She wasn’t a bad-looking girl, she was actually kinda pretty.  Now she just kinda looks freaky.  


I certainly don’t have a problem with plastic surgery, either.  But when you go to such extremes where you don’t even look like the same person?  That is where I draw the line.  Because, you know, I am the authority on plastic surgery.  Doi.

Some more party pics with Heidi and the “runaway bride” Crystal Harris and their day together at Wet Republic:





There was quite a stir of controversy when Crystal (Hugh Hefner’s ex-fiance) showed up in Vegas to party with Heidi.  She literally called off the wedding just days before it was supposed to take place, and then she runs off to Vegas to hang out and drink by the pool with D-list celeb Heidi Montag (Pratt?)….hmmm…..kinda weird…..

What do you think of Crystal Harris’ behavior after her wedding was cancelled?  Appropriate?  Not appropriate?  My personal opinion is this:  I don’t really care what she does.  I don’t really know much about her, but I do think she should’ve waiting longer than, like, five minutes before  she started partying it up and celebrating her new single status.  Know what I mean?  Apparently Hef has a new girlfriend now, anyway, so I guess everything is all good with both parties involved.  Who knows. 


Happy Friday, kiddies!


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An email from Holly….sort of

The other day I received an email from my husband.  And it totally made me smile.  It was three simple little words with a photo included…..


See you soon!



I love it!  We will be traveling to Las Vegas for my birthday in August, which is why he included “see you soon!” with Holly’s picture!  We will be attending Peepshow (Holly’s show!) for the third time, and will hopefully get to snap a pic with Holly at the meet-n-greet afterwards!  I am so incredibly excited!  I am going to drag along my copy of The Showgirl Next Door (Holly’s book!) and try to get Holly to autograph it!  *fingers crossed*

So anyway, I just wanted to share that with you!  I get about a zillion emails each day, so when I saw this particular one from my hubby it pretty much made my day….a Hollyday!  ;)


Happy Thursday, friends!

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