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Chicago: It’s rainy!

So, this is our first real day in Chicago.  Technically we arrived last night, but we didn’t get checked into the hotel until 9 pm, so obviously we didn’t get a chance to do much last night.  Except eat, of course.  Yes, we had a full dinner at 10 pm.  I know that is incredibly bad, but after a full (and tiring!) day of non-stop travel and eating only some cashews and M&M’s, we were both pretty hungry upon arrival.  We had a traditional Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.  Our toppings of choice?  We kept it simple with just cheese and pepperoni!  A small plate of spaghetti and a salad served as side dishes.  We literally inhaled all of the food before I could take any pictures.  I’m fairly certain there will be more pizza to come on this trip, so I’m none too worried.   You will see pizza pictures!  I guarantee it! 

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and hit the sheets!  We are going way old-school with our sleeping arrangements, too.  We have two full-size beds, rather than just one king size bed.  So, naturally we slept in our own beds.  I mean, hey, why the heck not?!  We sleep in the same bed every night at home, so I think it’s nice to switch it up a bit!  Plus, I like not having to share a bed!  (I am not always good at sharing.)

This morning we awoke to a gray outdoors.  It rained last night, and is continuing to do so this morning, so it looks kinda dark and dreary outside. Luckily I packed lots of options for cold-weather!  (Honestly, I packed lots of everything!  It is my curse.) 

Views from our hotel room window:





Kyle swears that the building in the third picture was in the new Transformers movie (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) and proceeded to tell me all about it.  I saw the movie.  I don’t really remember.  Nor do I care.  But it pleases me that he is so enthused about it.  He was like a little kid…face pressed up against the glass….snapping photos….pointing….ooohhh-ing and aaahhh-ing.  It was totally cute…and only slightly annoying. 

On our agenda for today?  One thing and one thing only:  Watch the 49er game!!   We are planning to meet up with some of Kyle’s coworkers and head over to ESPN Zone and watch football all afternoon!  Should be fun!  Go 49ers!  Since the game doesn’t start until 3 pm (1 pm on the west coast) we should have a bit of free time until kickoff, so I kinda want to sneak outside and try taking a few pictures….if the weather allows.  But we shall see.  I definitely don’t wanted my hair to get wet in the rain!  ;)

I will check back in later this evening….but until then….follow me on Twitter:  @misslindsaykaep


***Happy Sunday***



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Dinner and a Movie

Last night Kyle Thomas and I were both home from work early (yay!) so we sat down together and came up with some fun Friday night plans: dinner and then a movie later in the evening with family and friends!  We decided to do dinner at home, but we didn’t have any food in the house, so a trip to the grocery store was in order.  Ky-Ky and I both loathe going to the grocery store, so we always make deals with each other about going.  If one of us goes, the other one must accompany to share in the misery.   That’s just the way it goes.  So, we hit up the local grocery store, grabbed some stuff for dinner and returned home.  We like to get in, grab the items we need, and get out.  Quickly. 

Here is what we selected for dinner:



A BBQ Chicken Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.  Quick and easy with minimal mess.  Right up our alley.  Neither one of us wanted to spend a lot of time actually cooking in the kitchen, and we definitely didn’t want to stand around doing dishes.  So this was the perfect choice.  The pizza bakes directly on your oven rack, so the only mess we really had were the plates we ate it on!  Not bad!


I thought this pizza was okay.  I love the combination of BBQ sauce and onions and cilantro and chicken, but I thought the crust was a bit too hard and crunchy.  And I don’t think I baked it too long because the top of the pizza didn’t get super bubbly and melty.  Ky-Ky and I both agreed that this wasn’t the best pizza we’ve had, but considering it came from the frozen foods aisle at the grocery store, it certainly wasn’t the worst either.  I have a feeling that if we actually went to a California Pizza Kitchen restaurant and ordered this pizza that it would be quite delicious!  Hmmm, may have to visit CPK soon….

After dinner, Kyle’s brother Colin came over and the two of them played Guitar Hero until we had to leave for the movie.  Let me just say this: Guitar Hero, if you are not participating, is super annoying.   Between Kyle madly “strumming” on his guitar and Colin crazily beating on the drums, I had to head upstairs after listening to about five songs.  CandyBarbie just couldn’t handle the noise.  And I am fairly certain that they were putting a little extra “oomph” into it just for my benefit.   Oh the joys of husbands and their brothers. 

Once their jam session ended, we met our soon-to-be other brother-in-law George at the movie theater.  We got our tickets (thanks Colin!) and headed over to get in line for Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  As we headed in that direction, someone (Colin!) realized he threw our movie tickets into the garbage because he thought they were “his receipt.”  Oops!  We then had to head back to the ticket booth and have the ticket salesperson radio over that we were legit and actually did purchase our tickets.  Whew!  Once inside the theater, I took the most hideous picture known to man:


For the life of me I could not figure out how to get this darn picture to rotate.  I took it with my phone and then emailed it to myself and from there uploaded it here.  But the darn thing uploaded this way, and I can’t get it to rotate around!   So I posted it anyway (obviously) for your viewing enjoyment!  You are welcome!

As for the movie, we all enjoyed it!  I think the boys maybe liked it more than I did, but I thought it was good.  I am not really into robot-type movies, especially not once it has made it to the third movie, but this one was entertaining.   I felt like they tried to put a bit too much humor into it, but it was still fun.  And guess what?  I went in being kinda disappointed that there wasn’t going to be any Megan Fox to look at, but I walked away really liking Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!!  I thought she did a great job considering this was her first movie!  And man, she is so gorgeous!  Like, she is totally one of those girls who is just breathtaking.  Every single time she was on-screen I couldn’t look at anything or anyone else.  B-E-A utiful! 


Not a bad little Friday night!  On the agenda today: engagement party for my sister-in-law Devon and her fiance George!  I am bringing a couple of salads to the big shindig, so I must leave you now!  Gotta get pretty for the party! 


Happy Saturday!

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