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Fake Human

Heidi Montag Pratt whatever-her-name-is looks like a wax statue.  She doesn’t even look like a real person!  She is too tan and has had too much plastic surgery, IMO.   In a way I feel bad for her.  And I don’t really understand why she got so much surgery.  She wasn’t a bad-looking girl, she was actually kinda pretty.  Now she just kinda looks freaky.  


I certainly don’t have a problem with plastic surgery, either.  But when you go to such extremes where you don’t even look like the same person?  That is where I draw the line.  Because, you know, I am the authority on plastic surgery.  Doi.

Some more party pics with Heidi and the “runaway bride” Crystal Harris and their day together at Wet Republic:





There was quite a stir of controversy when Crystal (Hugh Hefner’s ex-fiance) showed up in Vegas to party with Heidi.  She literally called off the wedding just days before it was supposed to take place, and then she runs off to Vegas to hang out and drink by the pool with D-list celeb Heidi Montag (Pratt?)….hmmm…..kinda weird…..

What do you think of Crystal Harris’ behavior after her wedding was cancelled?  Appropriate?  Not appropriate?  My personal opinion is this:  I don’t really care what she does.  I don’t really know much about her, but I do think she should’ve waiting longer than, like, five minutes before  she started partying it up and celebrating her new single status.  Know what I mean?  Apparently Hef has a new girlfriend now, anyway, so I guess everything is all good with both parties involved.  Who knows. 


Happy Friday, kiddies!


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Jumpsuit Jayde

Jayde Nicole was out and about in Los Angeles the other day wearin’ this skimpy little jumpsuit….


Alright, I don’t particularly like this jumpsuit, but Jayde has such a killer body it looks good on her.  I feel like it kind of looks likes a sexy/slutty Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) Halloween costume with the light blue gingham and sparkly red shoes.  Know what I mean?


IMO Jayde has a bit too much of the PSF (Plastic Surgery Face) look going on, but she still has an amazing figure!  I think she has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood.  Seriously.  She just needs to adjust her attitude.  Obviously I don’t know her, but from what I have seen on Holly’s World, Jayde appears to be a bit of a you-know-what (b-word!) and she seems to be proud of that fact.  That is what really holds me back from liking her.  She is pretty and has a rockin’ bod….but she needs to BE NICE!  Bitchiness and rudeness are not attractive qualities!  Just sayin’….

I hope everyone has a grrrrreat Saturday! ;)

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Jenna Jameson at Chateau

Actress Jenna Jameson was at Chateau Nightclub and Gardens in Las Vegas

I actually think this dress is rather pretty on Jenna!  The heels are completely fabulous and I love her clutch and the fact that she is wearing minimal accessories.  I even like her yellow fingernails and toenails!  Yellow isn’t an everyday nail color, but it is a fun switch from the normal black/red/pink for a night out in Vegas.   Her only problem is it looks a little like she has gone too far with the lip plumpers.

 What do you think?  Do you think Jenna looks pretty or do you think she needs help?  I am going with pretty.

I hope everyone had a really nice (long!) Memorial Day Weekend!  Happy Tuesday, friends!  :)

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Holy plastic surgery!

Bristol Palin looks really different from when I last saw a photo of her….

Bristol Palin Candies Foundation Event New York City

Wow! Right?!  She looks way different, IMO.  I always thought she was a really pretty girl!  She didn’t need to get plastic surgery! 


"Dancing With The Stars" 200th Episode  - Arrivals


I can’t put my finger on it….is it her lips?  Is it her chin?  Is it both?

Bristol Palin Candies Foundation Event New York City ABC Dancing With The Stars Los Angeles

It looks as though she has lost a little bit of weight, so that might be part of it, but that isn’t the only reason she looks different.  There is more to her new “look” than just weight loss.   It’s plastic surgery, I know it!

What do you think of Bristol’s new look?  Do you think she has had some kind of surgery or is her new look simply the result of weight loss?  Tell me what ya think!  I want to know!

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Am I crazy?!

This may sound a little bit crazy…..but I think I might actually like Jenna Jameson’s outfit in these pictures!

Not sure what is up with the face she is making…..

I’m not really a fan of Jenna’s previous line of work, but I think this outfit is halfway decent.  She’s retired from that anyway and who am I to judge, right?  So: In regards to her outfit, I think it’s a good step in the right direction compared to some of the things I’ve seen her wear in other pictures.  Her casual white tank top looks cute with her light-colored pants and tall-tall-tall tan boots.   And I like her gold watch and big, gold ring.  Cute accessories with a relatively cute outfit!  And I like her long hair!  For awhile there Jenna was looking really skinny with seriously short hair:

Her legs look so skinny!  It is good to see her a bit meatier!

Anyway, am I crazy for thinking Jenna’s outfit is actually cute?  Maybe I suffered from a momentary lapse in judgement?!  Nah, it is a cute outfit.  For sure.  Good job Jenna!



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