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Aubrey O’Day…C’mon!

I feel bad always talking bad about Aubrey O’Day.  Well, let’s be honest.  Not that bad.  I’m sure she is a very nice girl.  And she certainly isn’t a bad-looking individual, but she makes very poor choices when it comes to fashion.  Very poor.  Check it:


Oh my…..this is a very bad dress!  I mean, have you ever seen anything so hideous?!  The dress is either too small for her on top, or it needs to be pulled up.  Her chest looks smashed down, in a very bad way.  I have never been one to advocate big cleavage pushed up all the way to your chin, but these babies need to be pushed up.  STAT! 



Pink and black are two of my very favorite colors, too!  Not this time, though.  I don’t think there is one single thing I like about this dress….but what I hate the most is the single strip of see-through mesh right through her middle!  Ugh!  This whole “look” is so unflattering.  Poor Aubrey.  She has no clue.


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Kendra K. in a yellow dress!

Before I say anything about this yellow dress, I want to know what you think!!  Do you like this yellow dress/pink shoe combo on Kendra Wilkinson (Baskett?)??!



Yay or Nay?


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Stripper heels are perfect for the beach

C’mon!  Who doesn’t wear six-inch clear lucite heels to the beach??!!  *sarcastic voice* Oh Shauna Sand….


Not only are those quite possibly the most hideous shoes ever made, clearly they are not beach-appropriate!   What the heck is she thinking?! 




Seriously!  These photos totally made me smile!  Just the thought of her trying to walk around on the beach in these ridiculous shoes mad me laugh!  I don’t think Shauna is particularly pretty, but she looks good in her bikini, IMO.  Crazy little fact about Shauna….she started modeling at the age of nine (she was signed with Elite Models!) but eventually took time off to move to Paris where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Business Administration from The American University of Paris.  Shauna is fluent in French.  Wow!  Who knew?!  A clear-cut example of “you cannot judge a book by its cover.”

So, with that being said, obviously it makes sense that she would use her International Business Administration degree to walk around on the beach in stripper heels aspiring to be in Playboy (again).  She was Playmate of the Month in May 1996.  To each his own, I guess. 


***Happy Friday, friends!*** 

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Runaway Bride!

Crystal Harris aka the Runaway Bride was partyin’ it up in Vegas this weekend in a LBD and pink heels:




I am not a fan of Crystal’s by any means, but I think she looks cute in this dress.  And I like her pink and black heels.  I can’t help but wonder, though, who was she partying with?  It seems like she doesn’t have very many girlfriends right now…..And I am also wondering what a girl like Crystal got paid to hang out at Pure Nightclub?!  I mean, most celebs get paid a pretty hefty amount to just show up and party!  She isn’t that good of a celebrity, but she is still famous nonetheless.   Hmmm, I wonder….

Anyhoo, on that note I am outta here!  I have to go get ready for worky-work!  I will see you all later!  I hope everyone has a great Monday!  :)

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Fake Human

Heidi Montag Pratt whatever-her-name-is looks like a wax statue.  She doesn’t even look like a real person!  She is too tan and has had too much plastic surgery, IMO.   In a way I feel bad for her.  And I don’t really understand why she got so much surgery.  She wasn’t a bad-looking girl, she was actually kinda pretty.  Now she just kinda looks freaky.  


I certainly don’t have a problem with plastic surgery, either.  But when you go to such extremes where you don’t even look like the same person?  That is where I draw the line.  Because, you know, I am the authority on plastic surgery.  Doi.

Some more party pics with Heidi and the “runaway bride” Crystal Harris and their day together at Wet Republic:





There was quite a stir of controversy when Crystal (Hugh Hefner’s ex-fiance) showed up in Vegas to party with Heidi.  She literally called off the wedding just days before it was supposed to take place, and then she runs off to Vegas to hang out and drink by the pool with D-list celeb Heidi Montag (Pratt?)….hmmm…..kinda weird…..

What do you think of Crystal Harris’ behavior after her wedding was cancelled?  Appropriate?  Not appropriate?  My personal opinion is this:  I don’t really care what she does.  I don’t really know much about her, but I do think she should’ve waiting longer than, like, five minutes before  she started partying it up and celebrating her new single status.  Know what I mean?  Apparently Hef has a new girlfriend now, anyway, so I guess everything is all good with both parties involved.  Who knows. 


Happy Friday, kiddies!


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