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Vanessa Hudgens v. Rhianna

Vanessa Hudgens and Rhianna were both out and about recently wearing….*gasp*….cut-off jean shorts!  The kind of jean shorts that have shreds of fabric hanging off and everything….







Which of these two fashionistas do you think looks the best?  My vote definitely goes to Rhianna!  Whilst I am not crazy about her cut-offs, I do really like her canary yellow blouse!  And I also really like her cross-body bag, her booties and her sunglasses!  Just not really a big fan of ripped jean shorts, but she does look good otherwise.

Now Vanessa on the other hand, I’m not so sure.  Her t-shirt and studded black leather bag are okay for a nice, casual look, but the knee-high buckle covered boots are too much!  Those boots are certainly not appropriate with jean shorts and a t-shirt, IMO. 

Time for a poll!


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Vanessa Hudgens stock has plummeted

Here is Sucker Punch hottie Vanessa Hudgens, with her mother, arriving at the airport in Los Angeles:

What I meant to say was….here is Vanessa Hudgens looking hideous. 

And look at her mom!  She is a tiny little mini-woman!  Like a little accessory!

The whole outfit is bad.  But of course I really hate the pants.  They remind me of Gwen Stefani’s pants from yesterday’s rant post.  Why do celebrities wear these hideous cropped boyfriend jeans?!  They make your legs look short and stumpy!   Nobody wants short and stumpy legs! 

I also don’t like the leather jacket with the fur-trimmed collar.  Or the shirt with holes that is laced up the front.  I think the hat is cute, but not with that outfit.  Same goes for the shoes.  They’re cute, from what I can tell, but obviously not when worn with that get-up.  Ugh. 

I need to quit my job and become a celebrity stylist.  I could help so many.

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Sucker Punch in IMAX

Last night Kyle Thomas and I drove a little over an hour to see Sucker Punch at the IMAX theater. 

Neither of us had ever been to a movie at the IMAX theater.  The screen was seriously ginormous!  And when we walked in, we were about twenty minutes early, there was not a single soul in the entire place. 

Eventually people started showing up, unfortunately, and sat all around us.  I hate when people do that.  It’s like, it is seriously a huge theater, do you really have to sit directly in front of the only two people in there?  And the answer is always yes.  It happens every.single.time.  Anyway, back to the movie!  We had popcorn and Coke slushies and I also had some Sour Patch Kids.


The movie itself was pretty much what I expected.  It was definitely entertaining, with lots of hot girls fighting monsters in skimpy little outfits.  And when they were not fighting, they were doing raunchy chores (think scrubbing toilets, cleaning floor and peeling potatoes) in cute, barely there little burlesque costumes.  Certainly not a deep-thinking theatrical experience by any means, but fun and entertaining, yes.  My favorite characters were Babydoll and Amber!

Babydoll is the main character, and the prettiest, IMO.  She has rosy cheeks and long, sexy eyelashes.  Suddenly I have an urge to start wearing my hair in pigtails…..

In the movie Amber wore the most gorgeous burlesque-style costumes!  And she is a fighter-pilot chick, which is super cool and super hot! 

After the movie, we took pictures with all of the movie posters!

Date night was a success!!  I had a good time with Ky-Ky and we both enjoyed the movie! 

Happy Thursday to everyone!

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Sucker Punch time!

Ky-Ky is home from work and we are off to see Sucker Punch!  Woo hoo!  I am not used to going on two dates in one week, much less on a work night (for Kyle anyway)!!  I hope the movie is good!

I will let ya know!  Buh-bye!

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Malin Akerman is quite a sight!

I am really liking Malin Akerman lately!  She has been lookin’ good!  Here she is at the Sucker Punch movie premiere:

Isn’t she gorgeous?!  And she is funny, too!  Some of her movies that I like:

  • 27 Dresses
  • The Proposal
  • Watchmen
  • The Heartbreak Kid

She was also in Couples Retreat, but that movie pretty much sucked.  She was cute in it, though.  She is also in a TV short series called Children’s Hospital, which is HILARIOUS!!  If you haven’t seen it, go check it out on YouTube!  It is super funny!

Catch ya later! :D

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