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Hot Collaboration: Neiman Marcus & Target

Something awesome and amazing has happened.  Two of my most favorite places have come together and produced a line of truly great products.  Neiman Marcus and Target.  Yes, it’s true.  The two came together, and along with some big name designers, introduced a line of clothing/accessories/home decor that launched Saturday December 1st both at Target and Neiman Marcus stores nationwide.

Naturally I had to get a piece of this fantastic pie!  And it came in the form of these adorable beanies:


These cuties were created by Band of Outsiders and retail for $29.99 for the set.  And let me just say, I wore these to a football game recently, and got tons of compliments!  I mean, people were stopping me to ask where I got ‘em!

me and colin

My husband and I wore the beanies all day, but he didn’t like the way any of our photographs together came out, so I asked my brother-in-law (who happens to be San Francisco 49ers starting QB Colin Kaepernick) to be my best friend for a second, and he reluctantly obliged.  Aren’t we cute?  :)  Even big, strong football players need a best friend.  *wink wink*

Some other fun stuff from the Neiman Marcus for Target line:

thom browne blazer

Thom Browne blazer $149.99


Tory Burch drink bottle & lunchbox $19.99 each

alice and olivia luggage

Alice & Olivia luggage $179.99

marc jacobs

Marc Jacobs zipper clutch $69.99

tracy reese

Tracy Reese dessert plates $39.99 (set of 4)

robert rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez dress $99.99

Those are just a few of the many great things this Neiman Marcus/Target Collaboration has produced!  For a full list of products visit Neiman Marcus and/or Target stores, or of course check ‘em out online at NeimanMarcus.com and/or Target.com.  Happy Shopping!



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BBC Radio: Anne Hathaway in Dolce & Gabbana

Well, as much as I hate to admit it, Anne looks pretty darn amazing….dressed casual no less….


Celeb:  Anne Hathaway

Designer:  Dolce & Gabbana (cropped jacket), Stella McCartney (wedges), Tory Burch (sunglasses)

Event:  BBC Radio ‘DKR’ Promotional Tour, London

Verdict:  Well, as I said, I hate to admit it, but I think Anne looks pretty great.  I love the color palette going on (black, white, grey) and well, this outfit looks pretty perfect.  First off, her cropped Dolce & Gabbana jacket is absolutely gorgeous.  This is a piece I would love to have in my own closet.  Secondly, her skinny pants are actually corduroy….yes corduroy.  And they look cute!  (Who knew corduroy could be cute, right?!)  Thirdly, everything else.  The black tank, the Stella McCartney faux crocodile wedges (*swoon*) and the Tory Burch sunglasses.  It all just works together so well.  And not only does she look fabulous, she doesn’t look like she is trying too hard.  Perfect.  All of it.  I love it.

What do you think?  Do you like all of these pieces on Anne?  Do you think she looks polished to perfection or utterly drab?  Yay or nay?




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Style Envy: Jordana Brewster in Madewell

Jordana Brewster was spotted out and about in Los Angeles the other day looking super cute!


The actress was looking very chic in a navy blue and white polka dot sweater by Madewell, relaxed denim capris and a pair of Tory Burch booties.  Along with her caramel colored leather bag, Jordana’s outfit is fantastic!  It looks perfectly put-together….but doesn’t appear that she is trying too hard.  She looks casual and stylish.  I want this entire outfit!  Especially the TB booties!

What do you think?  Do you like this polka dot Madewell sweater on Jordana?




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My Street Style: Black, White & Ruffled All Over!

I have been having quite a lot of fun digging pieces out of the back of my closet to make new outfits with!  Here is Saturday’s outfit, courtesy of my number one photographer, Darth:

Outfit Details:

  • Ruffle-front blouse- LINQ of Los Angeles
  • Black & white skirt- Pac Sun
  • Black leather belt w/grommet detail- GAP
  • Black suede pumps- Valentino
  • Rose gold watch- Michael Kors
  • Black clutch w/detachable chain strap- Tory Burch


What do you think?  Any suggestions for me?!  Love it?  Hate it? 






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My personal fashion show!

Instead of waking up to an alarm clock, I woke up to this:


Ky-ky hovering over me saying “take my picture!”  (That is my line, BTW)  I obliged, even though I didn’t really want to be awake at 7 am.  I can’t really complain too much, though, because right after our mini photo shoot he went downstairs and got me a chai latte from Starbucks.   He then headed back downstairs for his big, important work conference, and I tried to get a little bit more sleep.  No such luck.  I was wide awake.  So a couple of blog posts later, I decided to empty out my suitcase, lay all of my clothes on the bed, put outfits together, and take pictures of myself!  Just for you all!  Now, doesn’t that sound like a good time?!

So, here is pretty much everything I packed for this trip (minus stuff like pj’s, some tank tops and undies) :



And I totally scaled waaaay back in the shoe department.  I wore a pair of wedges and brought with me:

  • Tory Burch tennis shoes (navy/ivory)
  • Tory Burch turquoise sandals
  • grey suede Gucci pumps
  • open-toe navy blue suede Romantic Soles pumps


In addition to my wedding ring (duh!) my other accessories included: Michael Kors rose gold watch, crystal rosette stretch bracelet and my Betsey Johnson snake ring.


Onto the outfits….


This outfit includes:

  • Forever 21 tribal print skirt
  • Forever 21 black tank top
  • BCBG Max Azria cropped blazer
  • Romantic Soles navy suede pumps

Another picture (showing the patterns of each piece more closely):

a flash to the face is always nice!


Next up, same outfit, but traded the BCBG jacket for a dusty-pink Forever 21 blazer:

pretend you can't see my head


Next up:

headless woman!


Again, this is the same Forever 21 tribal skirt, but I ditched the black tank/pink blazer combo and added a taupe colored ruffle front sleeveless blouse by LINQ of Los Angeles.  Then added a thin, black belt:


Now, to remove the tribal print skirt from the picture….

face flash...again!


This time I paired the ruffle front blouse with 7″ black shorts (khaki material) from Old Navy and the grey suede Gucci pumps.  Then added a navy blue cardigan from Forever 21:


Now, to switch it up again…I kept the black Old Navy shorts and paired ‘em with a plain white v-neck tee from Banana Republic and a brown and silver striped scarf from Forever 21:


Getting tired yet?  I hope not…..

Okay, in this next photo I traded the black shorts/brown scarf for a grey and pink pleated skirt and a pink infinity scarf from Charming Charlie!  (Same white t-shirt and Gucci pumps)


Moving along….with the grey and pink pleated skirt…I have now paired it with a grey sequined tank from Kohls and a 3/4 sleeve navy blue blazer from Forever 21:

the jacket lining is covered in white bows!



Next outfit of the day: skinny dark wash Forever 21 jeans (I only wear them with boots!) with the same Banana Republic white t-shirt and a faux grey leather jacket from Forever 21.  Oh yeah…can’t forget the boots!  My tall, black motorcycle boots are Frye.  And I love ‘em! 


Next outfit:  same pants and boots…this time paired with a navy blue and white striped stretchy tank from H & M and the pink Forever 21 blazer that was pictured above:


Now, on a more casual note….same H & M tank…this time with Vera Wang for Kohl’s cuffed shorts, a loose-fitting hummingbird-patterned navy blazer and my wedges!


Ditched the hummingbirds and traded ‘em for the plain navy blazer:



Again, same outfit, but I am now wearing a very pale, blush-hued tulle trimmed cardigan by Vera Wang for Kohls. 


And that, my friends, is where the fashion show ends.  There are many more outfits to be made with all of the separate pieces that I brought, but I decided to call it quits.  Next time I am going to involve Kyle Thomas in the photo shoot, because it is way more fun to have someone else taking the pictures!  I don’t like to stand  pressed right up against the mirror to get a good photo of the outfit!  I want my face in the picture too!  And not covered by a camera! 

I would love to know what you think of all the outfits I created!  This was certainly an eclectic mix of items from my closet….and I never really knew how versatile that tribal print skirt was!  It literally went with everything!  And I think it only cost $14!!  Not too shabby!  But, in all seriousness, I really would like some feedback on these outfits I have put together.  I realize that not all of ‘em look great, but that is where you guys come in!  Tell me which ones you like and which ones you hate!  

For now, I am signing off!  I need to go clean up the mess I made!  There are clothes EVERYWHERE!!! 

Happy Monday!




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