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‘Spring Breakers’ Premiere: Vanessa Hudgens in Julien Macdonald



Celeb:  Vanessa Hudgens

Designer:  Julien Macdonald (dress), Giuseppe Zanotti (heels)

Event:  ‘Spring Breakers’ Premiere, Madrid

Verdict:  Yuck.  I DO NOT like this red halter gown on Vanessa.  The mirror-like embellishments are sorta tacky looking, IMO.  And this is something that I almost never say: I hate the shoes.  Actually, aside from Vanessa’s makeup, I pretty much loathe everything about this look.  I will say this, however…..I am really glad she didn’t wear a bunch of gawdy jewelry!  That would’ve made this already undesirable ensemble that much worse!  And I think Vanessa is super cute, and I really feel like deep-down she has some fashion potential.  Now, she just needs the right stylist to channel it!  I will be patiently waiting…. ;)

What do you think?  Do you like this red shiny Julien Macdonald dress on Vanessa?  Love it or loathe it?  Yay or nay?




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‘Oster Media Presents’ After-Party: Vanessa Hudgens in Leila Shams

Lady in black….


Celeb:  Vanessa Hudgens

Designer:  Leila Shams

Event:  Oster Media Presents Leila Shams After-Party,  New York City

Verdict:  I really like this black Leila Shams dress on Vanessa!  Normally I wouldn’t care for a long sheer skirt with a mini-skirt underneath, but for some unknown reason this look is pleasing me.  I guess because Vanessa has been so displeasing on the red carpet the last year or so….except when she wore that gorgeous canary-yellow Maria Lucia Hohan gown a couple of weeks ago.  Anyway, I think Vanessa looks really cute!  Her hair and makeup look gorgeous and I even kinda like her long cross necklace.  Wow.

What do you think?  Do you like Vanessa in this strapless black leather and sheer Leila Shams dress?  Love it?  Loathe it? 




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‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’ Premiere: Vanessa Hudgens in Maria Lucia Hohan

Well, well, well.  Just as I had written her off as ‘forever hideous’….she goes and looks really pretty….

Celeb:  Vanessa Hudgens

Designer:  Maria Lucia Hohan

Event:  ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’ Premiere, Los Angeles

Verdict:  I have no idea what movie this is, but I think Vanessa looks great!  This is the best I’ve seen her look in a very, very long time!  I absolutely love the lemony yellow color of her gown!  It is so pretty!  And her hair and makeup are so soft and feminine looking!  She looks like a glowing burst of sunshine!  ;)

What do you think?  Do you like Vanessa in this yellow Maria Lucia Hohan gown?  Love it?  Loathe it? 




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Not-So-Chic Street Style: Vanessa Hudgens in Free People

I remember when Vanessa Hudgens dressed really cute…sorta hippie-chick-meets-bohemian-rocker-girl type outfits.  And she could pull ‘em off!  Sadly, those days (and outfits!) are gone.  Long gone.  This is what we are left with….


First off, let me start by saying this:  What the heck is she thinking?!?  This outfit is horrendous.  Horribly horrendous.  Secondly…WHAT THE HECK IS SHE THINKING?!?  She is wearing summer and winter clothes together, which is obviously ridiculous.  The sweater (Free People) is somewhat thick and bulky looking…clearly a winter sweater.  Yet she has it pulled down off one shoulder…with some bare belly showing.  As if that isn’t bad enough….oh gawd….dare I even go there….THE SHORTS.  They are way too short and they have a sort of acid wash look to them.  More importantly though, jean shorts are meant for summer!  Duh!  (I do realize that in Los Angeles the weather may be warm enough to wear summery-type clothes…which is why I don’t get the summer and winter items paired together)  Lastly, the boots.  Back to the winter wardrobe she goes.  Knee-high slouchy boots are cute, it’s true.  And I even like the boots Vanessa is wearing here, but not with jean shorts.  To top off her hideous outfit, she is carrying an equally hideous super-fringey bag (Ember Skye) and wearing an awkward headband. 

I just want Vanessa and this outfit to go away….forever for a long time.

What do you think?  Do you like Vanessa in this Free People sweater and jean cutoff shorts?  Love it?  Loathe it? 



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Vanessa Hudgens v. Rhianna

Vanessa Hudgens and Rhianna were both out and about recently wearing….*gasp*….cut-off jean shorts!  The kind of jean shorts that have shreds of fabric hanging off and everything….







Which of these two fashionistas do you think looks the best?  My vote definitely goes to Rhianna!  Whilst I am not crazy about her cut-offs, I do really like her canary yellow blouse!  And I also really like her cross-body bag, her booties and her sunglasses!  Just not really a big fan of ripped jean shorts, but she does look good otherwise.

Now Vanessa on the other hand, I’m not so sure.  Her t-shirt and studded black leather bag are okay for a nice, casual look, but the knee-high buckle covered boots are too much!  Those boots are certainly not appropriate with jean shorts and a t-shirt, IMO. 

Time for a poll!


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